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Trendy Holiday Gift Idea for Foodies: A Fondue Pot

Updated on October 31, 2010

Fondue pots first rose to popularity in the early 1970s, which hosting fondue parties was all the rage. After falling out of favor for some time, fondue cooking is back in the spotlight, and is currently all the rage. Every food lover's kitchen should have at least one good fondue pot. Those who really love collecting and using all the latest kitchen gadgets will appreciate having several, in both the traditional and electric varieties.

Who Will Enjoy a Fondue Pot?

Fondue pots are terrific gift choices for anyone who loves to cook, enjoys entertaining, and appreciates a great meal.Who doesn't fall into one of those categories?

Fondue Pot Options

Fondue for Chocolate Lovers

Fondue pots are perfect for melting creamy dark chocolate that is perfect for dipping strawberries and marshmallows.

Fondue for Sports Enthusiasts

If you enjoy tailgating or long afternoons at home watching sports on television, fondue pots are the perfect solution for making hot dips that can be kept warm for virtually as long as they last.

Fondue for Families

Fondue pots can be great fun for families. My husband's family had a fondue tradition, and some of his fondest memories of childhood family dinners revolves around creating fondue meals around the dinner table with his parents and sister. As a matter of fact, sis and her family will be receiving a fondue pot from us this holiday season.

Fondue for Those Who Love to Entertain

Individuals who entertain frequently may be well served by adding a few fondue pots to their collection of food preparation and serving dishes. Fondue pots are excellent tools for keeping foods warm on a buffet table for an extended period of time. A fondue pot can allow the host to be able to avoid worrying about how to keep hot foods hot during a party that lasts for several hours.

Fondue for Campers

Those who enjoy RV and camping adventures can enjoy simple, warm dips and other foods in the great outdoors without having to light a grill or use any electricity.

Fondue for Picnics

Picnics are typically limited to cold food options. However, with a traditional fondue pot, it's easy to take along all the makings for some hot appetizers, sides, or desserts. What could be more romantic than an afternoon picnic with chilled champagne accompanied by strawberries and chocolate fondue.

Learning How to Use a Fondue Pot

Using a fondue pot is really easy, and can be great fun for anyone - even those who are challenged when it comes to cooking. If you're giving a fondue pot to someone who isn't familiar with how to make and enjoy great fondue dishes, you may want to add a fondue cookbook to the package.


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