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Rubbermaid Sheds: The Hallmark of Quality

Updated on June 3, 2013

We are all familiar with the quality kitchen products sold by Rubbermaid. These products stand for versatility and usefulness. But Rubbermaid also makes products for the lawn and garden with the same attention to quality and durability. Rubbermaid sheds for the backyard and garden are an excellent choice for all of your storage needs.

Types of Rubbermaid Sheds

All Rubbermaid sheds are made from heavy duty, impact resistant plastic. These sheds will stand up to any kind of weather and keep lawn mowers, garden tools, painting supplies, and any other household necessities secure and dry.

Rubbermaid makes several kinds of shed to fit your household and garden needs. All types of shed are exceptionally easy to assemble, providing you with a storage shed in no time at all.

Horizontal Storage Shed

The first of the Rubbermaid sheds is the Horizontal Shed. The primary feature of this shed is its space-saving capacity. Its relatively small size still provides plenty of storage space, up to 18 cubic feet. Its low, horizontal design allows for fitting the shed into small spaces, whether in the yard, garage, or basement. The Horizontal Shed is the only shed in its class to come with double-walled construction. The floor of this Rubbermaid shed is made of high-impact plastic, perfect for mowers, bags of garden soil, or other heavy objects. This shed has space for one wooden shelf and a latch for locking the shed.

Large Horizontal Storage Shed

This shed has all the features of its smaller cousin described above but with additional storage space. The shed can accommodate one shelf and has a capacity of 32 cubic feet. As with all Rubbermaid sheds, this model is easy assemble and maintenance free. The shed will never rust or rot. The high-impact plastic is dent resistant and will keep out the elements in any climate. The double doors of this Rubbermaid shed make for easy storage of even large items.

Slide-Lid Shed

The chief feature of this shed is its retractable roof, which allows walk-in access to household goods stored in the shed. The shed provides 92 cubic feet of storage and is over 5 feet deep. Because of its handy slide lid, however, it’s easy to get to any objects inside. It’s a perfect shed to store bicycles, sporting goods, or lawn movers. The heavy duty plastic floor supports up to 1,300 pounds. The shed is lockable to keep valuables safe and is very easy to assemble.

Split-Lid Shed

Another type of Rubbermaid shed available for purchase is the Split-Lid Shed. This shed features access to stored goods by way of either the two front doors or its double-paneled lid. No more searching in a dark and crowded space for garden tools or sports equipment. This Rubbermaid shed has a storage capacity of 18 cubic feet and is perfect for home owners with limited space. As always, the lids, walls, doors, and floor are made from high-quality plastic that will stand up to rain, wind, and snow, with absolutely no maintenance required.

Deep Large Vertical Storage Shed

This type of Rubbermaid shed turns things vertically. This shed has a storage capacity of 52 cubic feet and features two lockable, hinged doors. Its vertical design makes it a great place to put your shovels, rakes, and other long-handled tools. The grated floor holds these tools securely in place. Alternatively, the shed can accommodate 3 shelves for things like paint, garden implements, or hardware. Of course, the shed is made from maintenance-free, high-impact plastic.

Purchasing Your Rubbermaid Shed

The Rubbermaid website at is a convenient place to shop for sheds, with detailed product descriptions available for all models. Ordering is easy, and sheds will be shipped directly to your home. You can even become a member of the Rubbermaid Club, with exclusive discounts, coupons, and emails about new products for all members. Joining the club is free of charge.

Rubbermaid sheds are also widely available at retails stores in your area. These sheds are available at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and on Amazon. All sheds manufactured by Rubbermaid are excellent values, providing high-quality storage solutions at a very reasonable price.

When looking to invest in products for your home and garden, you want to rest assured that you will be purchasing items of the highest quality and durability for the best price. Few of us have not used Rubbermaid products in the past. Whether in the kitchen, the garage, or the garden, we’ve come to expect great things from Rubbermaid products. Rubbermaid sheds will do the job we expect them to and provide many years of use, even under the toughest of conditions.


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