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Giant Stuffed Animals - Big Stuffed Animals, Great Gift Ideas

Updated on April 25, 2012

Giant Stuffed Animals For Baby and Beyond

Here's a super cute selection of giant stuffed animals to choose from. There's lots of different animal species that are made into cuddly giants. This is a lovely gift idea for any occasion.

Every child loves a cuddly toy and for some of us, it sticks with us through adulthood. For an amazing gift, giant stuffed animals are something that will be treasured well past childhood years. I should know, I have a giant four foot teddy bear that was bought for me at birth and I could never, ever part with him. I of course now tower above my bear, but the memories of him cradling me as a baby are still vivid.

Back then giant stuffed animals were only really came in bear form, but today you can buy all manner of giant stuffed animal species. For a really special gift, these plush toys are perfect for welcoming home baby, birthdays, christmas, for any special occasion, for any aged giant stuffed animals fan.

Melissa and Doug Toys - Giant Giraffe

Whenever I see these amazing giraffe toys I always think back to the scene in Arthur 2: On The Rocks when Dudley Moore is on the stairs with loads of baby toys, surprising Liza Minnelli. The giraffe is at the back standing out like a sore thumb.

Not really a bedtime cuddly toy (though if the bed's big enough, why not!), but definitely a stand out one that would look great in any nursery or bedroom.

57" tall and weighing 13.6 pounds this is a sturdy giant stuffed animal that is cute, lifelike and able to withstand plenty of cuddles for years to come.

As for the price, it's a bargain! My giant stuffed teddy bear I mentioned earlier? Let's just say that over 30 years ago, he cost a considerable amount more than this beauty does today. I want one!

Melissa and Doug Toys - Giant Panda

For a real cuddle and snuggle this giant panda has got to be up there in terms of plush. He has a wire frame that means he won't fall over or flop if not supported, but he's still a big cuddly panda, perfect for bedtime snuggles.

Cute and lifelike, this giant stuffed animal is 24.4 inches and weighs 11.5 pounds.

Bearington - Cuddly Baa

If you're looking for a gift specifically for a baby, this giant stuffed animal is recommended for all ages from birth. The Cuddly Baa definitely has the awwww factor, and is super soft and velvety to touch, not to mention super cute to look at.

This not so little lamb comes in at 30" tall and weighs 3.6 pounds. The Cuddly Baa would make a terrific baby shower gift and is suitable for cuddles from birth.

Melissa and Doug Toys - Giant Brown Bear

If you're looking for a giant stuffed teddy bear, this one is cute, cuddly and has just the right amount of floppiness to be the perfect bedtime cuddle companion.

With silky soft fur in a rich brown shade, this giant stuffed animal invites cuddles and love that will no doubt go on for many years to come.

36" high when stood upright, 30" when seated and weighing 9.8 pounds, this is a big bear who would look lovely seated in a nursery or bedroom.

Fiesta Wild Animals - Giant Camel

Not the everyday choice for giant stuffed animals, but for something a little different, this camel is great.

Comprising of two types of soft fur, this giant camel has that typical expressive look of camel superiority!

Standing at 40" tall, weighing 12.6 pounds, and with a glowing review on Amazon from someone who has actually owned a camel (!), this makes a really different giant stuffed animal gift that is sturdy as well as cuddly.

Melissa and Doug Toys - Giant Sea Turtle

Who said sea turtles can't be cuddly! For anyone with an interest in sea life, this plushy giant is cute, cuddly and definitely won't bite your hand off!

Plushy but with a flexible wire frame, this is a cuddly sea creature that would make the perfect gift for a water baby or a toddler who's a fan of sea creatures.

8" high, 17" wide, 24" long, perfect not just for cuddles, but also great as a big pillow.

Disney Giant Winnie The Pooh

Lovable Pooh Bear, cute in any size, but this giant is really something special. You can see from the photo that he's huge comapred to the little girl.

Pooh comes in at a grand 40" and would be perfect for a child to lean back on to read a book in comfort.

Winnie the Pooh is an iconic children's character gone giant! Perfect for any nursery or bedroom, this big lovable character will provide lots of hugs and snuggles for years to come.

Fiesta - Giant Octopus

No matter what the age, if you're a fan of the wonderous creature that is the octopus, you'll be a fan of this giant plush one!

Lifelike but plushy, this octopus is a squidgy cuddle monster with plenty to grab hold of for snuggles.

At 36" long, this octopus really is a giant and for anyone with an interest in this creature, it would make the perfect gift. How often do you get to cuddle an octopus?!


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