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What’s Should Be Contained in a Building Contract with Your Contractor?

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    What’s Should Be Contained in a Building Contract with Your Contractor?

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    selahangelposted 8 years ago

    It really depends on what your contractor is doing for you.  There are many different types of contract work; but if you are talking about some type of carpentry then there are a few things I would make sure is in the contract.

    No money will change hands until the job is done to your satisfaction.  Get everything that he/she will do in writing and make sure that if you are not happy with the work that there is a clause in there that stipulates a time frame the contractor will make it right.  Usually this time frame is no more than 30 days.  Make sure you inspect the work that is being done as it is being done, then go over the whole job with a fine tooth comb again at the end of the job before you pay.

    If your contractor says they need money up front for materials, tell him you will go with him to purchase what he needs and use a credit or debit card for the purchases.  That way you have a record of the materials and tools purchased and can deduct that amount from the final payment.

    I hope that helps - it is just a small portion of what should be included in a contractors contract with you, but it is a start.  I suggest you contact Angies List before hiring anyone.  It will cost you $10 to join but well worth the headache if someone else has had problems with the contractor you are planning on hiring.

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    SUBRAMANIANRposted 8 years ago

    Exact rate per Sq ft/Sq mtr/Flat rate
    Specifications of each and every aspect of the building
    Exact area of construction
    Cost sheet for the entire building with section/location wise break up.
    Usage of specified material/things/paints/accessories
    Hold back clause in case the contractor leaves in the middle.
    There are hundreds of items in a house. Make note of every thing in the contract

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    fdoleacposted 8 years ago

    Most contractors require a non-refundable deposit for work they have not been paid for.  Arrange to have them paid as work is completed, and have sub-contractors sign lien waivers.  If there is large deposit, have a separate deposit account set up where access to the funds must be approved by you.

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    JON EWALLposted 8 years ago

    Dear Hubber

    check out my article  The home improvement remodeling guide is for inexperienced homeowners, who for the first time are planning a home remodeling project. The desire to upgrade outdated inefficient equipment, enhance life style or increase property values are valid reasons to remodel.

    It is important for the novice to do their homework prior to contemplating a remodeling project. A wise move would be to start assembling a packet file including pictures, brochures and other information which will be helpful in designing the project.

    To put together a list of contractors, the owner should check local advertisements, the yellow pages for remodeling contractors, local contractors associations, building departments and material showrooms.

    The next decision would be to decide if the owner intends to contract the work internally or hire an architect, general contractor or a construction manager. The selection of experienced contractors, suppliers, architects and others are very important to the success of the project.

    For most projects, a remodeling general contractor will provide plans and drawings. A plan or sketches are the next documents needed to securing bid proposals from a list of contractors or suppliers.

    The bidding process starts by selecting at least three or more contractors to bid on each item of work. Reviewing and interpreting the bid proposals are important to selecting a contractor. The contractors bid proposals will include a description of the scope of work and other clarifications in their bid.

    The invited contractors will do a site inspection prior to placing a bid. They will ask questions, make suggestions regarding the plans and point out other issues that may effect the price of their bid. Keep in mind that each of them should give you a written proposal based on the plans and specifications.

    The contractors should also be advised that all bid proposals need be delivered to you on a certain date. After all of the bids are received, the bid proposals need to be reviewed for content and qualifications.

    In order to select a successful contractor, the owner will need to ask questions regarding the bid proposal, contractor's past projects and references from other customers

    here is a short list to consider in reviewing the proposals.

    1. Total lump sum price for all work ( including all permits and taxes )

    2 note - exclusions of any kind

    3 note - payment stipulations

    4 read contract- legal and agreement terms

    5 if permits are required who procures and pays them

    6 is rubbish removal included in bid

    7. Note - start and finish dates

    8. Agree on unit prices for trades and contractor % mark-ups on extra work

    9. Require all contractors to be insured and licensed

    10.Clarify, if contractor will accept and install owner purchased equipment at no charge

    11. Contractor to have on site supervision to coordinate work

    12. Warranties and time limits

    13. Contractor responsible for clean up and protection

    14 require final waivers of lien for materials and labor from all contractors before final payments are made.

    15 open

    16 open during the contract negotiations, the owner should feel comfortable with the selected contractor before offering to sign an agreement. Be cautious of someone who presses you to sign a contract and who is looking for large upfront payments.

    When a contractor has been selected, contract agreement signed, the contractor will schedule starting the work.

    Please note that prior to t