How to select refrigerator for my home ?

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  1. LensMan999 profile image53
    LensMan999posted 10 years ago

    How to select refrigerator for my home ?

    Looking for general purpose refrigerator

  2. profile image51
    Revolutionersposted 10 years ago

    You can decide to get a new refrigerator on the basis of these things.

    Do you want to change it again, think about it.
    Are you a green guy ?
    Are you electricity bill conscious ?

  3. Silver Poet profile image73
    Silver Poetposted 10 years ago

    I would spend a little extra on one that's got a high energy star rating, because you'll get that money back (and then some) in the electricity savings.

  4. profile image51
    nic_mbaposted 10 years ago

    First measure the space that you have - height, width and depth. Next measure the width of all portals between the driveway and the final home of the refrigerator (I forgot to do this and had to have my front door removed in order to get the refrigerator inside).
    If you're hardly ever home, don't eat a lot when you are home and just want something to store breakfast foods or snacks then the old style freezer on top might work for you. Just be sure to get a frost-free version.
    If you're any other type of fridge user, might I suggest a bottom mount freezer. They actually provide you with more usable freezer space than the side-by-side versions. Additionally if you MUST have an ice/water dispenser (as I do), your freezer space is not compromised by the dispenser. You get the bonus of being able to store your big old turkey for days in a bottom freezer.
    I prefer the refrigerator section to be french doors. This too is more functional. If you have a large item like a cake or XL pizza you can easily slip it into the fridge with little worry about doing damage or distorting the item. It may be a little more hassle to get both doors open, but worth it. Also try to have one removable or adjustable shelf. Some bottles are extra tall and it's a pretty useful feature.

    I'd also ask you to bear in mind the ease with which you can replace the water filter. If it requires more than a GED, don't get that fridge - instead consider one where the filter doesn't require you to bend in order to change it and replacements are offered at a place convenient to you (in-store or online).

    Buy a reputable brand, I've had to have my LG repaired and it was quite fun trying to find a repair person (even with the help of LG). The guy needed 4 trips to sort out the problem as to why the freezer was suddenly HOT inside and I had to pay him his trip fee each time. You may also want to read the Consumer Reports ratings for the class/style of refrigerator you'd like to buy. They don't accept advertising, they buy off the shelf as we do and collect long term reliability data for many items.

    Good luck and happy hunting.

  5. hometips profile image57
    hometipsposted 10 years ago

    You need to keep several factors in in mind before buying a new refrigerator - your requirements, available space, budget etc. Read my refrigerator buying guide:


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