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How can I make my own Christmas decorations and ornaments without spending allot

  1. Mrimagemakers profile image54
    Mrimagemakersposted 8 years ago

    How can I make my own Christmas decorations and ornaments without spending allot of money?

    Inexpensive decortions for the Holiday Season.

  2. It's just me profile image60
    It's just meposted 8 years ago

    String popped corn for garlands, paper chain garlands, little balls of aluminun foil can be strung into a garland,
    Origami stars and animals can be ornaments, small toys, popcorn balls, candy canes, and cookies can all be hung on a tree or wreath,
    A red or green tablecloth, blanket or sheet can be wound around the bottom of the tree as a tree skirt.
    One of the lovliest table settings I have seen was at a friends house she put tea light candles in tea cups and placed them on thier saucers with Gingerbread men as place card holders.
    I have written a hub on this subject called Our Christmas Decor Through the Years and another two on gifts one called 10 Easy to Make Christmas Gifts that Don't Cost an Arm and a Leg and the other named Buy Small Gifts All Year that may help to give you some ideas.

  3. A Crafty Moment profile image58
    A Crafty Momentposted 8 years ago

    One quick and inexpensive way to make a tree full of ornament is to buy a large bag of cheap animal cookies, the ones without the frosting on them.

    Spread them all out and paint them either with different colors of spray paint or acrylic paint and then sprinkle a little glitter on them.  Clue a ribbon or string to the top and hang them on your tree.

    Add the foil icicles they sell for less then a buck and your tree will look fabulous. 

    Oh yeah, for the tree topper just add a large bow at the top with some silk poinsettias tucked around it.  Depending on the color of your animal cookie ornaments you can choose from white silk poinsettias or red ones from the dollar store.

    Make it fun and your tree will look awesome!

  4. kruss01 profile image55
    kruss01posted 8 years ago

    Look around your yard.  Are there some evergreen shrubs or holly bushes with red berries?  If so you have a great source of Christmas decoration that is easy to remove and doesn't add to the  landfills.

    Trim several evergreen branches from the same tree or shrub to approximately the same length, about 18" to 2',  Add shorter branches of another evergreen about 10" to 12" then finally add even shorter branches or holly type berried shrubbery to the center.  Tie off your decoration with either floral wire (if you have a berried center) or with a red ribbon. 

    Hang on a mantel, or door.  Spritz with a water sprayer during the season and when it's time to remove it, it can be put with live Christmas trees for mulching. 

    You can find all sorts of ways to decorate with evergreens, just be careful around flames and for the berried varieties that might not be good around small children or pets.  Have fun and happy decorating.