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i have laminate flooring in my living room i dont use cleaners on it just a H2O

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    memasposted 8 years ago

    i have laminate flooring in my living room i dont use cleaners on it just a H2O steam mop i dont...

    let it sit on the floor i then use a swifer dry mop on it to get out streaks i am getting white splotches on it i have a ceiling fan and it drys very fast any ideas on how to fix this i dont mop that often but spots are showing up 5 so far 5-6 inches big

  2. Juan Urbina profile image51
    Juan Urbinaposted 7 years ago

    Hi there, my name is Juan. I hope that I can be of some assistance to your flooring issue. I've heard that steam cleaning laminate flooring is not recommended because heat and moisture can actually do damage to the flooring that is rarely covered by warranty. The spots may be due to the use of wax solvents. Did you have these floors installed?

  3. BrookeKaelin profile image60
    BrookeKaelinposted 7 years ago

    Stop using the steamer, that's what is causing your spots. Never use heat + water on laminate. I know it's more hygienic, but it will really tear up the floor. A better option is to use vinegar, alcohol and water, and then dry it really well when you are done. Better yet, use any product that the manufacturer of your floor makes, and just use a slightly damp dust mop every day.

  4. Josh2008 profile image58
    Josh2008posted 7 years ago

    My wife just mixes some liquid soap in warm water to clean the place up. We had the same problem with white splotches but they were from the soap; have you figured out what is causing the splotches? Does rubbing some warm water in make them go away?