How Do I Start Tomato Seeds Indoors?

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  1. Barkley Rosehill profile image79
    Barkley Rosehillposted 11 years ago

    How Do I Start Tomato Seeds Indoors?

    I want to get a jump start on my tomatoes by starting them early indoors. When should I begin? What type and size of containers should I use? Do I need any special equiptment such as heaters or lamps, and at what point can I transplant them into my garden?

  2. Dave Cald profile image79
    Dave Caldposted 11 years ago

    Starting tomatoes from seed will allow you to open up a door of endless possibilities. Sure it would be easier to just walk into the local nursery or home center and pick up a few tomato plants, but at what cost? These stores only carry a handful of... read more

  3. Jay S profile image60
    Jay Sposted 11 years ago

    I use 3" peat pots and potting soil.  I keep them in the sunlight and water daily.  You can transplant them in your garden after all chance of frost is gone.  No special equipment is needed and no heaters will be required unless you plan to start these seeds in a cold area of your house.  Grow these plants in a well lit area and they should do fine.

  4. Billrrrr profile image77
    Billrrrrposted 10 years ago

    I have never had any luck with seeds...but have had incredible success with plants from Shaws Supermarkets and Stop and Shop.  I purchase a few plants and put them in plastic pots.  They grow fast and produce large quantities of tomatoes.  They are much easier to manage when they are potted as opposed to growing in the ground.

  5. profile image0
    JC Aucklandposted 10 years ago

    It's easy, read my hub: Grow-tomatoes-at-home.
    Make sure the seed trays are moist and warm at all times. When the seedlings are a inch or two take them outside in a sheltered but sunny spot for an hours or two, slowly increasing before you leave them outside permanently. Temperature is everything. If it's too cold outside you can kill your plants by taking outside right away.

  6. profile image51
    cbfreedomwriterposted 8 years ago

    You can start tomato seeds indoors but you should consider germinating the seeds first, as that way you will have far more success. I have started tomato seeds indoors without any specialized equipment. You should also get an understanding on what the different types are to be successful. Here is an article on the subject of tomato seeds … re-you-buy
    Hope this helps.


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