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How to grow tomato from seeds?

  1. thumbi7 profile image62
    thumbi7posted 4 years ago

    How to grow tomato from seeds?

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    Copper Manposted 4 years ago

    Make sure the seeds have dried. Push them half an inch into rich soil you've placed in a flower pot, tin can or large glass container. Keep the soil dampened. Place plastic wrap over the top of the container to help retain moisture and warmth.

  3. liesl5858 profile image88
    liesl5858posted 4 years ago

    It is so easy to grow tomato seeds from seeds. In a pot of compost, sprinkle the tomato seeds over the compost then sprinkle more compost on top of the seeds but not too much. Then water it and leave it in a sunny position or if you have a greenhouse leave it there. Keep watering it  if soil gets dry. When it is about 5 inches tall, transplant them to bigger containers or transplant it to where you want to plant it permanently.

  4. thumbi7 profile image62
    thumbi7posted 4 years ago

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am planning to grow tomatoes in pots on my balcony.These tips will be useful.

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    F-Menchiseposted 4 years ago

    Thanks for reminding us this procedure of using seeds to grow plants from scratch,
    I would like to suggest that if you have good soil and it is early spring you could also plant them straight into your garden, just get a few spots ready add a bit of fine compost to the soil and mix it well until every is fine, then spread a few dried tomato seeds and cover them with soil, after that all you have to do is keep the soil wet, when the plants come up and grow a few centimeter thin them out if they are to many in one spot; when the plants grow enough say 10 centimeter thin them out to one or two plants per spot, you can transplant what you take out to another place if you like. Now you are ready to grow your tomatoes.