my son has mrsa, contacted through a team. he is away at college (about 4 1/2 h

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    worried momposted 7 years ago

    my son has mrsa, contacted through a team.  he is away at college (about 4 1/2 hrs from home,...

    now living in house with 3 other boys.) He just had his 3rd outbreak within 4 months, most recent severe.  I want to go down and disinfect his house, he is very upset, doesn't want me to come down, wants to handle himself. Advice please.

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    girl4Godposted 7 years ago

    We had to deal with msra when my husband first started teaching and there was an outbreak at the school and my yougest child got it.  Then over the next three years we all had it except my husband.  The truth is disinfecting is good but it will not get rid of it. He needs to take care of his body.  There is a cream, bactroban, that all the people he shares a house with and your son can apply in their nostrils two times daily that can be prescribed.  Someone is the carrier and it sounds like your sons immune system is not fighting it off. I have used tea tree oil and green tea to get rid of staph at the onset of it. Probiotics are helpful with all the antibiotics your son has been on.  A multivitamin could be helpful.  I know everyone thinks bleach is a cure all but it is toxic and you can get realy great all natural cleaner by clorox and method, almost anywhere now.  I know you care but if he want to handle it maybe sending him the tools he needs to do it is a way of hinting without intruding.  I will say a prayer for him and hope he gets well soon.