How fast can bedbugs go, compared to silverfish and cockroaches?

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    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    How fast can bedbugs go, compared to silverfish and cockroaches?

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    Raven4180posted 7 years ago

    A fertile female bedbug can lay up to 12 eggs a day and they usually move around as they do it. Cockroach eggs can contain 20 - 40 nymphs depending on variety of roach. Silverfish usually only breed fast with large amounts of moisture and mold to feed on. What really causes a problem with bedbugs is how they reproduce, lets just say it causes pain to the female. Thus causing them to move away from the males, typically to other rooms of the house. Bedbugs need a blood meal to grow and they typically feed every few days.

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    rogerferero12posted 6 years ago

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    You can spray a wide selection of three or more portions rubbing alcohol along with two portions water at the bedbugs to remove the ones you come across. This won't carry out substantially for any pesky insects that will continue to be undetectable, however it may get rid of those that you squirt.
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