Sweet Nola, Lend me a hand. What is it about New Orleans that creates loyalty t

  1. Christopher Floyd profile image60
    Christopher Floydposted 6 years ago

    Sweet Nola,
    Lend me a hand. What is it about New Orleans that creates loyalty to it in us?

    People either love it here or hate it. What are your thoughts on that? I fell in love with the Big Easy on my honeymoon. We moved here to be a part of the life that is so unique to Nola. We're not partiers, we just missed it her so bad we had to move. I cannot comprehend why anyone would not like this place, but I can't quite quantify exactly what it is that makes Nola Nola.


  2. iamneworleans profile image57
    iamneworleansposted 6 years ago

    I can only describe it as a sick love affair. Its an abusive relationship with the city that we can't live with or without. The more it abuses us, the more we want to "fix it" and make it work.

    We can't live anywhere else and get all four seasons in one day. We can't live anywhere else and get the best food, music, celebrations of mere existence...so we stay. Once you've experienced the culture, its hard to go live back in anywhere USA.

  3. sweet nola profile image59
    sweet nolaposted 6 years ago

    It's a siren... out in the water, people who hear it can't stay away. Many voices sing, it is all the voices together calling... Maybe it's the art... or the music... or the food and drink... or the smell... or the river... so many other things. The stories too... even if you don't know them or hear them, you feel it and taste of it. Lots of places are amazing or have appeal to people. None of them have so many other spirits... living and dead... to suck everyone in the way nola can. Whatever you are... whatever you love... whatever you want to be... here it is.

    I like your picture. See the clock? I know it's always ticking... in nola, that doesn't matter. Ever tick is a thousand heartbeats because of all the people who can't help falling in love. I don't mean to get all poetic. Can't help it... nola is.

    Edit: People who hate it are afraid of themselves... they come face to face with themselves here and realize maybe they're more human than they thought. Tends to be the people get all superior that don't like it... like nola is basal and human and they're not. We show them their own humanity... needs and loves. Those things aren't wrong... they're liberating... some don't want that. Could be I'm wrong... I don't think so.

    (sorry it took me a while to see this... i hadn't visited hubpages lately.)