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Would you still use your fine china for holiday meals if you found out they cont

  1. MemphisYankee profile image61
    MemphisYankeeposted 6 years ago

    Would you still use your fine china for holiday meals if you found out they contain lead?

    According to the TV show, The Doctors, most dishes made in the United States before 1971 contain lead, which can lead to developmental and cognitive problems in children and adults.  Dishes made overseas after 1971 may also contain lead.  You can test for lead using a simple test from the hardware store.

  2. katedonavon profile image75
    katedonavonposted 6 years ago

    I would still use my china for special occasions. People used to eat off those dishes all the time and you can't convince me that they all got lead poisoning or developed cognitive problems. So I would think that using special dishes once or twice a year wouldn't be a big deal. For small children, it might be a good idea to give them other (child-safe) dishes--but that's pretty common anyway.

    With all the hubbub about plastics and BPA-free products these days, who can tell what kind of table service is truly safe to use? At some point you have to decide if it's riskier to eat food from a plate or stop eating. My life is complicated enough. I want to be safe, but I don't have time to worry about all the dangers, so I just pick the big ones.

  3. Susan Trump profile image62
    Susan Trumpposted 3 years ago

    No I would not.  Can once a year hurt you?  Maybe not, maybe so.  The question to answer first is, "what is the current burden on the body" before using the plates.  If one is already toxic, which most who live on planet earth are, it could be enough to do damage.  I have suffered exposure to lead in dinnerware for 20 years and have just written a hub on Talavera.  Lead poisoning is no joke.

    I suggest honoring the beauty of these plates by using them with a doily for dry serving, wall hangings or planting non food items.  Eating from them, cutting on them or storing in them is a very dangerous practice.

    PLEASE NOTE;  I have tested toxic plates with hardware store lead kits.  The tests did not show lead yet professional testing showed the levels were off the charts.