What are some home improvement projects that most people could do themselves?

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  1. Victoria Lynn profile image88
    Victoria Lynnposted 10 years ago

    What are some home improvement projects that most people could do themselves?

    Are there some tasks that most homeowners could do themselves rather than pay a handyman or other professional to do?

  2. flashmakeit profile image62
    flashmakeitposted 10 years ago

    Paint the inside of your house, put in flooring, put ceramic titles or brick in the kitchen, put in new kitchen lighting and a few more things you can find at HomeDepot.  Some male homeowners even know how to put up a roof and install concrete sidewalks.

  3. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 10 years ago

    changing a toilet is a big one. i get paid $85.00 to do it and it takes under 25 minutes. it is simple and almost fool proof. also changing taps on a sink. there is rarely any soldiering required and it can be done in under an hour for even an amateur.there are lots of things i get paid to do that to me could have easily be done by the homeowner but a lot of people don't have the confidence to do it themselves.

  4. Cre8tor profile image94
    Cre8torposted 10 years ago

    I was a contractor for years and much of what I did could've been done by the homeowner if they had the tools. Assuming you don't want to make a large tool investment, would like to take on something that can save a large amount of money on the installation and over the long term...insulating is a huge one.

    Not much more than a knife and dust mask are needed. Reinsulating an attic isn't fun or pretty but can cost a small fortune via a contractor. This is a project that when done yourself can save roughly $1,000.00 and will continue to pay for itself over time.

  5. rserino profile image60
    rserinoposted 10 years ago

    You can build a pressure treated deck if your handy with tools. thats why I wrote a book called "How to Build a Deck from "A" to "Z", available at lulu.com. most people dont realize how simple it can be with the right guidance.

  6. profile image56
    consentinoposted 10 years ago

    People can paint or wallpaper.  They can refinish their cabinets.


  7. leahlefler profile image96
    leahleflerposted 10 years ago

    Reupholstering chairs is an easy home improvement project anyone can do: there is no sewing required. If you can use a staple gun and a pair of scissors, you can upholster a dining room chair! Give your house a new, fresh look with this simple DIY project. read more

  8. dawnella66 profile image60
    dawnella66posted 10 years ago

    It is important to be realistic about what your skill level is. Some projects may appear simple enough for the homeowner to do, however many times it can cost a lot more than anticipated if you don't know how to do it, or have limited experience with the project. I have seen many homeowners take on a project in an effort to save money only to end up paying twice as much to correct a mistake due to inexperience or not using the proper tools.
    Ceiling fans, installing peel and stick flooring, painting, are all fairly simple improvements for home owner. Again, it depends on the skill level.

  9. bobtylor profile image58
    bobtylorposted 10 years ago

    Color the within of your home, put in flooring surfaces, put clay headings or stone in the cooking area, put in new cooking area illumination and a few more factors you will discover at Home Depot. Some men property owners even know how to put up a ceiling and set up tangible pathways.For more detail contact Advanced Pro Clean in Chicago.


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