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Would you prefer to live in the city (town) or live in the country? Why?

  1. momster profile image60
    momsterposted 5 years ago

    Would you prefer to live in the city (town) or live in the country? Why?

  2. jonsswagger1978 profile image59
    jonsswagger1978posted 5 years ago

    I like in between because I love to be out in the woods but at the same time I do not wanna drive to far to go somewhere.  So I guess I prefer the city but somewhere with a few acres with it.

  3. im28beyond profile image79
    im28beyondposted 5 years ago

    mmm..tough question. it depends on where my job is. if real income is in the country, i'd live there. but I am mostly city girl.

  4. Cre8tor profile image96
    Cre8torposted 5 years ago

    I prefer the country. The serenity there when you wake up is a good way to start the day and a great place to relax at the end of it. My peace of mind is most important these days and I find it hard to relax in the city. At least not as much as I can in the country.

  5. Thrifty Lady profile image91
    Thrifty Ladyposted 5 years ago

    I prefer the country because of the peace and quiet.  I love to have a yard and have a good distance between my house and the neighbor's.  I like to be within a quick drive to the city, though, to take advantage of all of the entertainment that a city has to offer.

  6. AfricaResource profile image65
    AfricaResourceposted 5 years ago

    Jobs ultimately decide where to live to a certain extent, however i much prefer the city life and i think the majority of young people do. I can see however when you get older a much more relaxed lifestyle in the country would be much more appealing!

  7. Riverfish24 profile image82
    Riverfish24posted 5 years ago

    I prefer the city anyday- in the midst of the hub of activity and events, with easy access to office, shopping, movies, restaurants etc.

    Having said that - I love visiting the country for the weekend or for a short holiday, where one can get away from the mad city traffic and buzzing crowd.

    I think one's age and stage in life, career and personal requirements would determine where one would prefer living.

    Few folks are lucky to able to exercise both options at their free will.

  8. profile image61
    membership ideasposted 21 months ago

    My favorite place would be in the mountains, full of trees and vegetation of course with the necessary tools, I currently live near the city and it is a bit noisy, always on my vacation I rent a cabin in the moutains and the experience is extraordinary.