Which is the loveliest flower in the world?

  1. Kevin Peter profile image71
    Kevin Peterposted 4 years ago

    Which is the loveliest flower in the world?

    There are many flowers that are very attractive. But I want to know which flower is liked by most.


  2. Randy M. profile image86
    Randy M.posted 4 years ago


    I believe the passion flower is the most exotic.  I haven't seen red ones in the United States, but I found this red flower in Costa Rica.  Taking flower photos is one of my hobbies.  I have published two hubs on flower photos of Costa Rica. Check them out if you wish to see some of the exotic tropical flora.

  3. yoginijoy profile image72
    yoginijoyposted 4 years ago

    I like lilies the best. They come in lots of sizes and the smell is really wonderful!