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Rose bushes

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    Joe Pollaniposted 6 months ago

    Rose bushes

    how to propagate rose bushes?

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    shon1121posted 6 months ago

    My gardening experience is somewhat limited.  However a running theme and great advice for beautiful Roses is to add magnesium to the soil.   My Grandfather, Father and my boss who I gardened for all did this.  Evidence was clear to see.  Rose bushes formed a high yield of flowers and had healthy foliage.  The growing conditions and climate are a challenge to gardeners here.  Best of luck in finding a more helpful answer and in growing healthy Roses!

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      lisavollrathposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Propagate means breed new ones, not grow roses that already exist.

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    lisavollrathposted 6 months ago

    Take a cutting of a soft, new branch that isn't flowering, in the spring or fall. Push the end into a small potato. Plant the cutting in a pot, covering the potato. Water it regularly. In a few months, you should see the rose start to sprout new leaves and grow. That's your new rose bush.