A day in the life of Buying Real Estate

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    peasterlyposted 7 years ago

    We have been looking for an Investment piece of property in Chico, CA since May of this year.  It has been an interesting still on going journey.  I can tell you there is quite a bit of interesting (trying to be nice) properties out there right now.

    We have met lots of different Realtors along the way.  And I have to say that my husband I am have gone round-and-round about who we wanted to work with this time We are not property virgins).  My husband is a really loyal person and he is also the kind of person who does not like change.  He thinks I am the kind of person who changes things just for the sake of change.  But, I consider myself loyal, but this is business.  I need to find someone who I feel I can trust and is not only out there working for themselves.  So, I kept trying out different people until I found Susie and she is great. She is about our age and she seems to be a no-nonsense honest type person.  We both liked her, so that finally ended the battle of the Realtors so we could work more dilgently on the search for the perfect investment property.

    We think we have found it, a nice little tri-plex with some really cute older renters who have been there for a long time!!!
    We like renters that stay for a really long time!!
    But now we are in the throughs of going back and forth with counter offers, so who knows what they outcome will be. 

    If it doesn't work out than it just wasn't meant to be and we will keep looking, but it would be nice to get this over with!