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Gardening Gifts

Updated on April 7, 2014

Gift ideas especially for gardeners...

I literally grew up in the garden. I can still remember helping grandpa Stanley pull weeds and hunt for tomato caterpillars. He had a huge amazing garden, much larger than mine today. And he grew everything organic too. He did all his own composting and taught me how, he even raised earthworms and fertilized the garden with their worm castings much as I do today. I never saw him use any fertilizers or pesticides for that matter. He said that stuff was poison, build your soil up properly and you don't need that junk.

Does the friend or loved one that you are shopping for that unique gift idea have a green thumb? Gardening is one of the more popular hobbies. If this person on your gift list spends a good chunk of their day of their day gardening, picking the best gifts for the gardener for the next special occasion would be very thoughtful indeed whether it's for his or her birthday, anniversary, or even Christmas. There are plenty of great gardening gifts to consider, which are both practical yet memorable. In this Gardening Gifts Guide I have tried to share some of the best of the best.

DCMA Notice by Walter Baumgarten

My grandpa Stanley always wore his gardening apron when he was playing (refused to call it work) in the garden. His gardening apron looked almost just like this one here (right), it was brown, had 2 really big pockets below for holding seeds, twist ties, tape, and stuff like that and then a pocket above for holding a carpenters pencil and permanent markers. Plus, I remember him saying it kept him cleaner and thereby keeping grandma happy. As practical as it is attractive, the canvas apron exclusively from will protect the gardeners clothing and keep commonly used supplies right where they are handy.

These attractive gardening gloves will protect her hands while planting, weeding, trimming and more. Featuring a soft brown suede with HD cotton canvas cuffs and Velcro straps keep those twigs, sand and dirt from getting in them.

iPod App-Controlled Bluetooth Plant Monitor

Free app gives alerts you when your plant needs a little love...

Look at this cool new iPhone gadget. It's a wireless plant monitor w/free app to help you stay on top of plant health. Simply press the wireless sensor into the soil in the garden, pot or flower box a couple of inches from from the plants. Essential data regarding soil conditions are sent via Bluetooth wireless technology to your smartphone or tablet at 15 min. intervals. The sensor monitors conditions such as sunlight, soil moisture, fertilizer and temperature. Then the app which is totally free, provides growing alerts and tips based on wireless readings for several thousand plants, trees and vegetables.

Know a perpetual plant killer? This gift for gardeners will make sure that they will never forget to water the plants again! Flower Power is a sensor that works indoors or out, it precisely measures the important factors required for the growth and health of the plants and then relays the info wirelessly to his or her iPhone or iPad. That way, they'll know exactly what the plants need. It can even be sent to sen out an alert when action is necessary! The plants should be well-fed, watered and receive proper sun.

Every gardener could use a nice well made potting bench for starting seeds, re-potting plants, transplanting, cloning etc... My potting bench is as old as the hills, I've had my potting bench for many years and picked it up from an elderly neighbor lady who's husband built it back in his prime. It works as good as the day Stanley made it.

This gardeners potting bench is the perfect for the green thumb! Gardeners will like its nice large size too. This potting bench has two nice shelves above the bench and one more under the main table offering plenty of storage room. The Master Gardeners Potting Bench is made of Western Red Cedar. This bench has a certain charm to it and makes a great gift for the avid gardener. This is a very traditional choice for a potters bench.

Having a sturdy utility cart or wheelbarrow is a must for every serious gardener when working in the garden or on other landscaping projects. Garden wagons can be utilized for safely hauling around dirt, mulch, gravel, plants, equipment, supplies, gardening materials, fire wood and more. Replace that old rusty wheel barrow, wagon, with a new utility cart. These garden carts are perfect for mom & dad, seniors and siblings, anyone with a green thumb.

(left) This could be the ultimate garden cart! This is the gardeners dream toolbox and it's on wheels! This garden cart holds all the long-handled garden tools on board. Look closer and it's a 2-wheel dolly. Add pockets for tools and supplies on the front and back for additional storage and a trash bag conveniently on the front for quick clean-ups. And it's all on big fat 10" wheels that stay on top of loose sandy soil.

Ok you have done everything right and now you have more vegetables than you know what to do with. You've shared some of your famous home grown tomatoes with your sister and a bag full of cucumbers to a friend at work, but it's harvest season and there's just more here than can be eaten right now. That's when it's time to do some canning and put them up for use this winter. Pressure canning is the sole recommended safe method of canning foods and fruits by the USDA.

This is a very high quality, heavy weight 41.5 quart pressure cooker (upper right) holds 32 pint jars or 19 quart jars and enables you to preserve meats, vegetables, fruit etc... With a pressure cooker vitamins are sealed in, instead of boiled away, vegetables keep their nice rich colors and flavors are preserved so not as much seasoning is required.

Since the weather has such a large role to play in the success or failure of gardening, it's extremely important to stay up to date with current conditions and the upcoming forecast too.

If your gardener is passionate about the weather, Vantage Vue wireless weather center (top right) is a dream come true! Vantage Vue features a sleek, durable outdoor sensor unit reads temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, and rainfall sending data wirelessly to the indoor display console, which also displays future weather forecast, the phases of the moon, the times for sunrise and sunset, Plus, weather trend graphs, extreme weather alarms etc...

That sealed glass tube on the side that is filled with liquid and has several floating bubbles is called a Galileo thermometer. The small glass spheres are filled with a liquid that's colored. When the temp of the water goes up or down, the bubble that sinks to the bottom is the temperature out. (right)

(left) Accurately tally local rainfall amounts with the Stratus Rain Gauge, precision made to United States Weather Bureau specifications, thereby popular with weather watchers. Measures a maximum of 11" of rain or snow. The measuring tube is removed for snow measurements.

Time to get growing with the Snap & Grow Home Greenhouse. Your gardener will get a big jump on the season with this awesome home greenhouse. That means a longer harvest season with more veggies earlier.

Featuring heavy duty framing which assembles easily the crystal-clear polycarbonate panels slide into the frame, lock into place and are virtually unbreakable. When ready, expand the greenhouse to suit your individual needs. Make any backyard a garden sanctuary in a snap!

House plants are a nice way to cleanse the air in the home. Some plants such as the Peace Lily (top right) are particularly well known for their air purifying qualities.

Other plants are carnivorous and famous for eating insects. This amazing plant "traps" it's food. It's traps are covered with a sticky sweet smelling secretion that's very attractive to insects. When a bug touches the trap it closes trapping it's victim. After the plant digests it's meal, the trap reopens for a fresh catch.

This meticulously trimmed juniper is the ideal introduction to the ancient art of Bonsai, whose origins initiated in China. Gift this handsome Juniper Bonsai to someone who loves ornamental gardening or to a friend. Care instructions are included with this Bonsai tree.

Everything you need to love and care for your plants in one roomy, tote bag. Set contains one carrying bag with five popular gardening tools on the exterior of the tote so they are right there when you need them. The garden tote bag has 2 openings with zippers. Makes a perfect gift for those who love spending time in their garden.

Get organized with the Fiskars Bucket Garden Tool Organizer. This bucket garden tote is made exclusively from eco friendly materials. This garden tote and tool set includes 4 HD stainless garden tools with comfort grip handles a trowel, cultivator and a transplanting trowel. Roomy five-gallon bucket (included) is great for carrying additional gardening supplies. Plus extra outside pockets to hold everything from your garden tools, gloves, seeds, string, tape, scissors, water bottle, even your cell phone. Made in the USA.

The garden tools fit conveniently in the attractive canvas tote so you can easily transport your tools as needed.

Here's a very pretty eco friendly garden tote which is made entirely from PVC free. The set includes three heavy gauge stainless tools with comfortable handles. The totes roomy interior is great for carrying supplies like seeds, row markers, tape etc... And the extra outside pockets have plenty of room for water and something to munch on. Made in the USA.

Garden Planters

Planters are perfect for the home, garden, patio and balcony.

Picture this planter on your deck, balcony or in your home entryway. A cascading array of lovely blossoms, tasty herbs, strawberries or even tomato plants in a planter that can be easily moved inside for inclement weather. Purchase more sets to stack them even higher. Makes an ideal present for any special occasion or simply because.

Natural tones of sand and jade add lush elegance to any plants, highlighting them beautifully. The attractive 3 piece matching designer planter set features 3 distinct sizes to show off the greenery. Certainly this is a lovely gift idea for your avid gardener. Drain hole at bottom of each pot. Planters are perfect for the home, garden, patio and balcony.

This set of Meziere copper plated planters are a timeless choice for any decor! Copper clad pots are very versatile and go well with most homes!

My earliest recollection of garden Gnomes goes way back to when I was a kid around 5 years old or so. I was helping grandpa pull weeds and look for tomato hornworm caterpillars (I got a quarter each) and there it was, a garden gnome. It looked like a fairy tale character. Well I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever, my grandpa said

gnomes were a race of small, odd shaped, human like, dwarfed creatures that dwell under ground.

The legend has it that, this tiny creature, who resides in the earth, is the guardian of the valuable gems and treasures of the planet earth. Garden Gnome statues often depict the little dwarfs participating in their favorite pastimes, often such as napping. Garden Gnomes or Lawn

Gnomes are an ideal way to add life and excitement to any home or garden.

Composting Gift Ideas

Help keep organic waste out of our landfills by getting a Composter.

I've been composting leaves, grass clippings, garden waste and kitchen food scraps since I was a kid. That's how dad taught me to make fertilizer for our garden. Any gardener who that wants a truly amazing organic garden will need to compost. How do you make nutrient-rich compost for the soil from kitchen and yard waste? Fill up the composing bin with raw organic material, then turn the bin every couple of days, and in a month or two you'll have a good batch of inexpensive nourishing organic soil conditioner and fertilizer for the garden.

(left) Composting with worms allows you to turn kitchen scraps and paper waste into nutrient-rich soil conditioner for the plants. Organic gardeners know, worm castings are one of the best fertilizer's that you can use. The Worm Factory 360 can be used in or outdoors for year round use. Now composting is no longer limited to backyards during the summer.

Still tossing food scraps in the garbage disposal? There's a better way! Here's a counter top compost bin especially with the home cook in mind. This handy compost bin stores those food scraps until they can be taken outside to the main composter. (right)

My grandpa had one of the coolest stepping stone pathways going back to the garden I have ever seen, Each stepping stone was a different animals footprint and the animals name was below the footprint. He had a bunch of them bears, racoons, foxes, deer, elk, moose and way more. Those stepping stones not only kept my shoes clean on the way to pick some snap green beans but I learned a lot

from those stepping stones too. I think recollect mom saying that grandpa Stanley made those stepping stones himself, he was handy like that don't ya know.

Any avid gardener would love this attractive personalized garden sign. Chickadees highlight the top of this handsome sign for the lawn.

This sign is personalized with your choice of any text, so the possibilities are infinite. The vine and chickadee designs are derived from a hand carving, creating splendid details. Each piece is individually handcrafted, from rust-free recycled aluminum and then hand painted and highlighted in all-weather finishes that will withstand harsh weather conditions. Made in the USA

T he wonderful thing about gardening is that you really don't need a bunch of expensive tools to tackle most ordinary lawn and garden tasks. Gardening tools are intended to make gardening duties easy and enjoyable. What are some tools needed to help keep gardens in choice shape? They tend to the garden with popular gardening tools like a hand trowel, rakes, hoes, pruners, saws and shears to help groom trees and bushes.

I can't count the number of shovel handles I've broken recently. It always seems like I'm digging a hole for something and there's a stubborn rock or a root that I'm attempting to remove and I'll be prying with the shovel and snap I crack the handle or even the blade. They just don't make 'em like they used to. At least that's what I thought till I found out about Bully Tools from a fellow gardening enthusiast. They are virtually unbreakable. No Joke, nowadays the only brand of shovel I will buy is a Bully. The Bully Tools super duty commercial grade D-grip handle spade

(right) features a triple wall construction with a glued-in solid wood core, 12 gauge steel blade. This spade is a beast, no other company makes a stronger hand shovel. Unbreakable unconditional warranty. Made in The USA.

The bench on the left here is not the latest Bowflex workout machine, I have one of these and it's actually a very well thought out rocker bench/ kneeling pad for gardening. What I like about this bench is that it has rocker legs on one side so I can lean forward while still sitting and do my weeding. It's a real knee saver for me. Then if I want to really get in there and kneel down to work, I'll flip the bench over and it becomes a comfortable kneeling pad with rails to help me grab push off of with my arms, when it's time to stand back up.

I'm a big advocate of knee protection when working for any period of time while on the knees it pays to have some good knee pads. I got myself some gel knee pads for working in the garden and laying down a hardwood floor in the dining room. They are so awesome, I even wear them for protection when I'm up on the mountain skiing. Knee replacement surgery is not a simple procedure. Injury prevention is one of the keys to good joint health. So save her back and his knees and order that knee saver gift today!

I want this tractor seat on wheels to spare my sore back and aching knees! So I can sit comfortably on a four-wheeled garden caddy with a tractor seat instead of stooping or squatting and go up and down my garden rows. SOLD! The contoured swivel seat allows 360 degree freedom. Tools are right there thanks to the handy tool shelf. This is officially on my gift wish list if anyone is reading this!

Lawn & Garden Yard Art

Decorations for the yard and garden...

Many gardners like to put various types of lawn or yard art in their gardens. Some nice garden art or decorations can really give a garden that special feel that sets it apart. Grandpa Stanley had an old antique windmill in the garden it didn't do anything

but it was attractive. Adding garden and yard art can bring a serenity and elegance that adds character to the garden.

I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend watering the garden, flowers and plants around the house, I find it very meditative.

I comparison shopped for a really nice hose nozzle for my garden and look what I found, a fireman-style nozzle for home use. It's the Gilmour FD1 Turbo Nozzle. Isn't this a nice looking hose nozzle? It features a durable full size metal body with a nice large comfortable cushioned grip style handle with adjustable spray pattern. (top right)

This garden hose spray wand is an ideal solution for all spot yard watering, plant and garden care. What I like is the thumb operated flow control, 8 watering patterns and an 18-inch water neck provides additional length to water hanging baskets and those hard to reach plants way in back. (right)

Regardless of the task whether it be washing the tractor, cleaning the patio or misting the plants. This heavy duty die cast orange powder coated metal hose nozzle with soft touch has 9 useful spray patterns. (bottom right)

Galvanized watering bucket with the durability of steel. Here's a classic quality, critter proof bucket with that vintage look. Large 12 quart (3 gallon) capacity. (bottom left)

Oh I adore wind chimes on a breezy day. Wind chimes are a wonderful gardening gift idea. They create satisfying music and serenity for everyone who hears tunes. Wind chimes are valuable part of the gardenscape, because they enhance the auditory sounds of nature. Wind chimes are a great addition to any outdoor space such as patio, balcony. Chimes add a positive, harmonious vibe to garden settings, creating a rich sound scape. Add the quiet calming sounds of nature to your favorite garden with a wind chime.

You can even make your own wind chime, with a some creativity! Wind chimes can be created out of a variety of fun materials.

This is really cool, it's is a weatherproof, motion-activated, digital camera especially for the garden that captures pictures wildlife that come within range. Never knew you had that fox visiting the garden every night did you? You'll find out all about who is visiting with sharp still photos and videos garden visitors. It is a digital camera with flash for nighttime critter photos and videos. My favorite feature is the time lapse setting for recording weather, plants growing, or construction. It downloads images directly to your computer.

Garden Rocker Gardening Seat - Check out this sweet garden seat. Featuring a rocking base, adjustable, contoured seat. This amazing seat limits strain on back and knees while gardening or even handyman projects around the, house. Makes a fantastic present for your avid gardener. Rated up to 350lbs.

Whether she has an acre tilled up, a big yard or a simply few houseplants, she'll appreciate her Bionic gardening gloves. Nice gloves make gardening easier and more fun, plus they help save the hands from blisters and calluses during gardening tasks such as weeding and harvesting which can take their toll on the hands, but she will be safe in her bionic gloves with a closure that helps prevent dirt getting down into the glove. Stretch areas over the knuckles and between the fingers for more natural, hand movement and also help her hands "breathe. Help her grow something beautiful this year!

The durable Chickadee Garden Hose Holder hold up to 100 feet of garden hose and it looks extremely attractive on the home. It's a nice way to keep the garden hose free from getting kinks in it by simply wrapping it around the holder. The Chickadee Garden Hose Holder is made from rust-free aluminum, not cast iron that rust and stain the side of the house. Then it is finished in an all-weather paint that will withstand the elements and stay nice for many years to come. Made with pride in the USA.

The rooster is the classic ornament used on traditional weather vanes, this rooster weather vane offers that classic look that's the perfect accent piece for any home, garage, shed, or gazebo.

© 2013-2014 Flowski. All rights Reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Commercial reproduction of this Gardening Gifts Squidoo Lens in part, or in whole without written permission is prohibited by law.

Images in this gift guide are either product images supplied by merchant partners and are provided for our use in connection with our affiliate relationship, or are stock photos purchased from Fotolia and are copyright protected DO NOT COPY THE PICTURES.


f you have any other gift ideas for gardners, leave a message below and share your thoughts. I like to hear from you, and I appreciate your feedback. We use your input to make it a better Gardening Gifts Shopping Guide for future visitors. Also, a special thanks for shopping here. I appreciate it very much when you click on something and actually buy it, you're awesome.

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    • PNWtravels profile image

      Vicki Green 

      5 years ago from Wandering the Pacific Northwest USA

      Great gift ideas for gardeners! I love to garden and have many of these items. Some items I don't have, I will definitely add to my wishlist. I also enjoy gardening gifts to attract birds and beneficial insects.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 

      5 years ago from GRENADA

      Well I think that you did a pretty great job with this lens given that its winter. You have a very powerful mind because this garden lens sure reminds me of sunshine, flowski. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!


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