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How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans

Updated on September 17, 2014

How to build a kids picnic table

Building a kids picnic table will show you that it is easy to build a smaller version of a full size picnic table for your kids to enjoy. They will love to help you build their special picnic table, they may not be able to do the drilling or cutting but they will love to help with the sanding and finishing of the picnic table

This is the Metric version click here for a Ft & Inch version

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Choosing the Timber:

You are able to use untreated timber if the table is to be used indoors. But if the table is going to be left outside, you need choose timber that has a natural resistance to decay (doesn't rot easily) in preference to a pressure-treated timber. The chemicals in some pressure-treated timber can make for a potentially dangerous eating surface.

Your local timber merchant can advise you on the available options.

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Cutting List

Timber sizes used in this project (in millimeters) are 150x25 (seats and table top) and 75x25 (legs, seat supports, table supports and brace)

150x25 timber usually machines (dresses, planes) down to approx 140x20.

75x25 timber usually machines (dresses, planes) down to approx 65x20.

Legs (x4): 592mm long and angled each end 30 degrees off square

Cross member table top supports (x2): 420mm long.

Cross member seat supports (x2): 840mm long.

Brace / Spreader (x1): 620mm long.

Table top boards (x3): 900mm long.

Seat boards (x2): 900mm long.

Kids Picnic Table Plans cutting list
Kids Picnic Table Plans cutting list

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Cut All Pieces:

Cut all the pieces of timber as per cutting list. The most important cut is the leg angle cuts because they are your kid's picnic table support system so make sure you take your time and mark the angles clearly and cut them carefully. The angles on the seat support and top support are optional; they are decorative and have no structural purpose.

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Finish The Wood:

All the bits are cut out and you may not be able to wait to assemble your kid’s picnic table but you will find it a lot easier to finish the individual pieces than to finish the whole kid’s picnic table once it's assembled and it also last longer because it will be sealed better.

A light sanding will help your wood to absorb the stain and add a finished look, so sand, stain and add the polyurethane each piece on both sides and ends.

The best way for the timber to absorb the stain or paint is to give it a light sanding before applying it to each piece on both sides and ends. The choice to paint or stain it is yours, you might decide to leave it natural but this may shorten the life of the table.

Whatever you do you must choose the appropriate products for indoor or outdoor use and remember because it is a kid's picnic table the finish needs to be easy to clean.

Kids Picnic Table Plans end profile
Kids Picnic Table Plans end profile

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Assemble End Frames:

The first thing to build is the two end frames. To do this lay the table supports and seat supports on a flat surface then lay the legs in place on top of them. Ensure the seat/table supports and the legs are as dimensions shown in the 'end profile' diagram below and screw together using 4 32x10g wood screws at each intersection

Kids Picnic Table Plans front profile
Kids Picnic Table Plans front profile

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Assemble Top and Seats

Stand the two end frames up and fix the brace in place using two 40x10g csk wood screws at each end. Ensure the brace is in the middle of the two end frames and flush with the top. This brace also acts as a spacer for the two end frames.

Lay the remaining five boards, one seat board per side and the three top boards, in place on top of the seat and top supports. Check that the overhang is equal at both ends and that all is square.

Screw the seat and top boards to the end frames using two 40x10g countersunk wood screws at each meeting.

How to Build a Kids Picnic Table Plans, Enjoy:

Sit back and enjoy watching your kids having a great time sitting at this great kids picnic table

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens. I'm a big fan of kids picnic tables.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      So easy to build you would buy one of these for $200 and you could build one for $30.Its not rocket science.

    • Countryluthier profile image

      E L Seaton 

      7 years ago from Virginia

      Great simple project, perhaps for the grand I'll have some day. Thanks for sharing.

    • hlkljgk profile image


      7 years ago from Western Mass

      looks simple enough. thanks for sharing.


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