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Zebra Print Chairs and Stools

Updated on August 30, 2011

Zebra Print Chairs

Here's a great selection of zebra print chairs in various styles to brighten up the home and add a bit of an animalistic edge to the décor.

Animal prints are always a popular style, but they are especially hot right now. The zebra print is one of the most wanted, and you can see why below, these zebra print chairs are striking home furnishings that really add an element of luxury and grandeur.

Zebra print chairs come in various colors, not just the typical black and white. There's a great selection below to choose from in styles such as lounge chairs, bar stools and desk chairs. Zebra print is as comtemporary or traditional as you want it to be, it all depends on the style and color scheme of the chair you go for.

Zebra Print Lounge Chairs

For a look that is luxurious and hot on trend, these zebra print lounge chairs are interior design magic! As you can see, coming in a variety of styles, these zebra print chairs offer stylish comfort in various hues.

Animal prints have always been considered as luxurious accents to have around the home. These days the scope of animal print home furnishings is huge, you can find virtually any item of home décor in some prints, zebra being one of the most popular and comprehensive.

You can have a lot of fun using animal prints around the home, you can keep to one print and have various items as accents around a room, or you can be ecclectic and mix and match. With these zebra print chairs you could use the different syles and color choices to create an ecclectic seating area that is really contemporary and fresh.

These zebra print chairs are items that can easily be incorporated into an existing decorative style. The vivid pattern of zebra print makes it a vibrant choice that can instantly update stagnant décor and / or add a fun accent to a room that is in need of some personality.

If you love the look of zebra print, these chairs are perfect examples of how stylish and vibrant work so well together.

Large Zebra Print Chairs

If you want something a bit larger you could always go for the zebra print love seat, or my personal favorite, the zebra print chaise lounge.

The love seat is definitely more for display purposes than for comfort, but it's a stylish piece that would work perfectly in a more traditional styled room.

The zebra print chaise lounge listed is likely to be the most luxurious item of zebra print seating around right now. It's a sexy piece of furniture that would be the focal point of any room.

Zebra Print Bar Stools

These zebra print bar stools are great for adding a contemporary look to a kitchen diner or breakfast bar.

Once again, you don't have to go for the black and white zebra print, there are other choices available if you are looking for something a little different.

The beauty of faux animals prints is that you can play around with color and get a little abstract. You don't see pink and black zebras, yet you can buy a pink and black zebra print chair. It's a fun way of playing around with patterns and colors.

Zebra Print Desk Chair

Spice up your home office or study with a funky zebra print desk chair! Add a little fun to a potentially otherwise dull area with a comfortable desk chair that is a hot interior design look.

Zebra print chairs are great for anyone who wants to add this look into their home. More substantial than say adding curtains or a rug, these pieces are perfect for the person who loves vibrant, bold designs.


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