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Zebra Bathroom Accessories

Updated on May 29, 2012

Zebra Bathroom Decor

Here's a great selection of items for the ultimate in Zebra bathroom decor. There's stylish zebra shower curtains, accessories like soap dispensers and dishes, bath rugs and zebra towels to choose from. All really affordable and a great way to update a boring bathroom.

This is a really stylish design choice, a zebra bathroom is a great way to showcase animal print decor at it's very best. Depending on your person style, you can go with a few zebra bathroom accent pieces for a subtle effect, or go all out for the overall wow factor look.

See below for the range of gorgeous zebra bathroom pieces to choose from. This is a brilliant way to transform a bathroom from basic to super stylish in minutes!

Zebra Shower Curtains

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom decor is to buy a new shower curtain. They're an affordable purchase that can completely transform the room.

zebra shower curtains work especially well as they're such a bold print. There's choices of the typical black and white zebra print, brown and white, and pink and black.

There's not much work involved in putting up a zebra shower curtain, but it will make all the difference. Your bathroom will look instantly updated and refreshed, not to mention very stylish!

If you want to add a classy finishing touch, go for the zebra shower curtain hooks in the section below. This is real attention to detail that makes the look complete.

Transforming your bathroom really couldn't be any easier. With the simple addition of a zebra shower curtain, you can create a stylish, contemporary bathroom decor that's bold and fresh.

Zebra Bathroom Accessories

Here's where you choose the additional zebra accents to add to your bathroom. If you want to tie the theme together, going for a zebra shower curtain along side some zebra accessories will transform your bathroom into one that looks like it belongs in a high end hotel.

As you can see, there's a really cool choice of bathroom accessories to go for. You can even customize your medicine cabinet or drawers with a zebra drawer knob!

Zebra is a really fresh, contemporary style that will look great in a bathroom of any size.

By adding any of these zebra accessories to your sink or surfaces will tie the look together and make it complete.

They all match, so you can be sure that you'll have co-ordinated pieces that look far more expensive than they actually cost.

Choosing a zebra bathroom is a bold statement. It's a powerful print that looks stylish and expensive. If you want a bathroom with the wow factor, this is a great decor style to go for.

Think expensive hotels and interior design magazines, by using accessories to finish off the look, you're creative a highly stylish bathroom that your friends will envy!

Zebra Bath Rugs

Whether you're going all out with zebra decor, or just adding hints, these zebra bath rugs are ideal for either look.

Just think how different your bathroom will look with a stylish zebra bath rug laid out. In a matter of seconds you will have transformed your bathroom decor into a comtemporary, cool and updated haven of relaxation.

Zebra Towels

These zebra towels really add a gorgeous finishing touch to a bathroom.

Go for the Jacquard 6 piece set or buy individual zebra towels depending on your size requirements. The first listing has options of bath, hand and wash towels on the product page to choose from.

These are really luxurious towel designs. Zebra print adds a touch of glamour and style and so these towels will really uplift your bathroom and make a stand out feature. It's an easy but really effective way of introducing zebra print into your bathroom. Just one of the many ways that you can add a new decor theme without much effort at all!


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