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The Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chair

Updated on October 14, 2010

Plastic material consumption has hit an all time high in the 21st century and recycling those plastics is big business today.  Chairs made from recycled plastic were once thought of as disgusting and who would ever think to buy such a thing.  However, a recycled plastic Adirondack chair like those found on popular websites are quite attractive and come in a variety of colors to choose from.  The Adirondack chair originated close to the Adirondack Mountains by a man named Thomas Lee who lived in a town called Westport in the state of New York.  The chairs were originally called Westport Chairs named after his hometown.  They have certainly come a long way and the recycled plastic versions are a great way to help save the planet.

The chair has a slanted seat which also acts as back legs for the chair.  Pieces of wood in a fan-shaped array make up the portion that your back leans against and that part connects to the seat.  Often sold with a foot rest, because of the unique chair design, they can be complemented well with a wooden – or recycled plastic, in this case – foot rest.  Some chairs go a step further and have the foot rest built in, so it is an all-in-one recycled-plastic reclining Adirondack chair!  Not only saving some green, but there are many other ways to enjoy your chair than some might think.

These chairs work exceptionally well at the beach for a multitude of reasons.  Built from plastic, they obviously will never be damaged by the water; salt or fresh!  The chair’s unique design is known for its strong emphasis on comfort and at the beach, there is nothing we want more than comfort at its best.  Feel free to leave it out in the weather, it will last a lifetime usually without lifting a finger and don’t feel bad about buying more because after all, you’re helping to make landfills smaller!  You can also purchase Adirondack chair cushions that are specially made for the design of the chair and provide a great boost in comfort.

On the porch or in an enclosed patio is another great place to have one of these plastic Adirondack chairs.  You can purchase them in any color that you wish or even paint them yourself if you would like.  Give it a wood-grain finish and complements will be all you hear from friends, family and neighbors who see it.  Giving these chairs as gifts is also a great idea.  Everyone could use another chair for their outdoor patio or deck and with it’s near-zero maintenance, they will never have complaints about it.

The recycled plastic Adirondack chair can be the best replacement for your broken down, ready to paint again wooden Adirondack chair.  You can also purchase Adirondack chair kits that you can put together yourself with a friend or loved one.  This is a great way to go if your wooden chair was built by you and would love to keep the tradition of sitting on something that you made yourself.  Recycled plastic is very similar to wood, but will require a few additional tools in order to work with it, however, when buying a kit all the tools needed are supplied with it and is another reason why the kits are an excellent option.

Visit your local furniture stores to see if they sell any recycled plastic materials or plastic furniture.  It is becoming a more popular item each and every year with all of the new energy saving agendas and the dangers of global warming.  With these chairs, you can save quite a bit of cash and trees all at the same time while having something that is both affordable and appealing.

Creating an Adirondack Chair


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