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Seat Cushions For Office Chairs

Updated on November 4, 2017

The Best Office Chair Seat Cushion For Better Comfort

Seat cushions for office chairs are important to increase the comfort of your chair, it is not hard to find the perfect cushion as you can easily buy them online. They come in different styles, designs and sizes to suit your needs and are also very affordable as well.

There are two main cushions that you can purchase, one that is filled using gel or ones that use memory foam. Back cushions are also available which offer greater support, they are also made with memory foam to enhance lumbar support.

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Do You Suffer From Lower Back Pain When Seated

A common complaint when it comes to folks who sit for long hours at a desk is lower back pain. There are many ways where you can reduce the pain and stress to your lower back and that is using a well designed office chair cushion.

There are many different types to choose from and it is best to purchase a product that is durable in design and also offer comfort.

Memory foam cushions are designed to help reduce stress to your back especially when you are seated for more than 6 hours.

Whatever cushion that you choose, make sure that it has an ergonomic design which will help reduce pain when seated at your desk.

Seat Cushions For Office Chairs
Seat Cushions For Office Chairs

Most Comfortable Office Seat Cushions

This is an extreme orthopedic seat cushion and uses wondergel or also known as Intelli-gel. This product keeps it's shape and is highly durable. If you get a lot of pain when sitting down for long periods and are looking for a cushion that is highly comfortable then this is the one.

The Intelli- Gel is the best cushioning material that you can find today and eliminates pressure while sitting. These features allow the person to sit comfortably for long hours and comes with a black fabric cover which is washable.

It can be used for multiple uses either in the car or in your office or computer chair. This product is one of the most highly rated at Amazon and you can help reduce any lower back pain by using this type of gel cushion for your office chair.

Lower Back Cushion For Office Chair

This is a large cushion seat cover that can help reduce pressure on your lower spine and back, the cushion will tilt your pelvis forward to support your normal lumbar curve. This product is suitable in preventing and relieving back pain and is designed for extra comfort.

It is made from polyurethane foam which is high resilient and won't flatten after use, this product has a customer rating score of 4 out of 5 stars. If you cannot afford to get a ergonomic office or computer chair a seat cushion is the best alternative to making an older chair more comfortable.

Large TUSH CUSH Original Home Office Orthopedic Seat Cushion - Black

Best Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is a memory foam seat cushion from Kensington, this cushion molds to your body shape and eliminates pressure. The bottom cover is made out of leather to prevent movement while you are sitting down.

The memory cell foam was originally designed by NASA to reduce strain while lift off. The seat cushion gives great support and is not too firm when sitting down.

Memory foam seat cushions are highly recommended by health professionals as they are very durable and reduce stress to the lower back

Do You Use A Memory Foam Cushion When Seated At Your Desk?

Do You Use A Memory Foam Cushion When Seated At Your Desk?

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