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Sushi Set - Traditional Sushi Serving Sets Buy Online

Updated on April 25, 2012

Serving Sushi The Traditional Way

Here's a great selection of sushi sets to choose from. Sushi is beautiful to look at, like individual pieces of art. If you're serving Sushi at home, it's easy just to use your regular plates, but it doesn't do the Sushi justice. Sushi should be served on a set specifically designed to show it off, especially if you've made it yourself. Why go to the trouble of making Sushi and not serving it as impressively as you could? If you're having guests over and serving Sushi, you'll definitely want it to look amazing.

There are a great variety of Sushi sets to choose from and if you're serving Sushi at home, what better way to show off an impressive meal than with a traditional Sushi set. Presentation is key when serving food and there's nothing better food-wise to look at than well presented Sushi!

What To Look For In A Sushi Set

First of all you need to establish how many people you'll be serving. Sushi sets come in various numbers of pieces, so you'll want to be sure that you've got enough for everyone. Most Sushi sets are for two people, so bear this in mind if you're serving to a larger number of people. If you're looking for a single Sushi set, those are available too.

Ideally, what you would want to find in a Sushi set is a plate to serve the Sushi on, a dipping bowl for soy sauce and chopsticks. Some Sushi sets come with rice bowls and spoons, but as these aren't needed to serve Sushi it's down to you whether you buy a set that includes them.

The only other thing to choose when buying a Sushi set is the design. They come in many different colours and designs, so if you're looking to match existing items it's doable. Some people prefer very plain Sushi plates, there's something for everyone.


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