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Bento Lunch Boxes - Cute Bento Boxes For Kids And Adults

Updated on April 25, 2012

Bento Boxes Solve Dietry Issues

Here's a great selection of bento boxes for all your lunchtime needs. Perfect for children to take to school, or adults to take to work, bento boxes are ideal for people who are fussy eaters, dieters, people with food allergies and intolerances, healthy eaters and people looking to save money by taking a pre-packed lunch instead of eating out.

Whatever the reason for buying a bento box, there's lots to choose from. Bento boxes are not only highly practical, but they look great too. Why use an old tupperware box to carry your lunch in when you can have a beautifully designed cute bento box?

You don't have to spend hours preparing your bento box lunch, but for those of you who like to be artistic, you can really go to town with a bento box lunch!

Cute Bento Boxes For Kids And Adults

If you are someone who has a special dietry requirement, a bento box is an ideal way to address it when out of the home. Maybe you are on a calorie controlled diet and have to exercise portion control, or maybe you are on a diet that is low in fat or carbs, eating out can not only be too much temptation, but extremely limited if you stick with the diet plan.

If you have a child who is a fussy eater, not only is it a huge worry, but also confusing and frustrating knowing what to give them to eat.

Maybe you have food allergies or intolerances, or maybe you just want to eat healthier, more nutritional food that you have prepared yourself.

You might want to save money, buying lunches can mount up to a large sum at the end of the month, you can easily cut out this cost if you buy your lunch ingedients with your household shop and make your lunches yourself.

Bento boxes are great for all these scenarios.

Ever heard the expression, 'you eat with your eyes'? Well it's true, when we buy things to eat, we choose them because they look good. They are appealing and have a visual impact on us, with a bento box you can make food look way more appetizing than lots of lunch options out there.

For children who are fussy eaters you can really make a special bento box lunch that will appeal far more than regular food. All it takes is a tiny bit of imagination and some inventive preparation! There's lots more on this subject below.

Bento boxes are really practical items that can be extremely helpful to those with special dietry requirements. But you don't have to have food issues to use a bento box, there's nothing wrong with using them purely because they look darn cool!

Bento Box Envy!

What are you having for lunch today?! That's a sure fire question that is going to be asked by school friends or work collegues when they see your bento box! In comparison with someone who is using a tupperware container, you may just have a basic salad in your bento box, but it's sure to look way more appealing than whatever is in the generic plastic box!

It's highly likely that you will start a trend. You may be the first amongst your co-workers or friends to be using a bento box, but you won't be alone for long. Chances are, when other people see just how good your lunch looks, they'll want a bento box too!

You don't have to spend ages creating your bento box lunch, you can simply use leftovers. However, if you are feeling a bit creative you can do all sorts of fun things with bento box foods. By using things like egg molds, rice shapers and plastic skewers in different shapes, you can create fun food that isn't just for kids. Molds, shapers, skewers and more bento box accessories can be found lower down.

Fun Bento Box Lunches

By using the molds, rice shapers and cutters to the right you can make fun foods that will be especially appealing to children who may be a bit fussy when it comes to certain foods. By making foods different shapes and experimenting with different color combinations, food becomes fun and if inventive enough, kids won't even know what they are eating (a great way to get those vegetables ingested!).

The bento accessories to the right are just the tip of the bento accessories iceberg, click the link for a huge selection of cool accessories to make bento lunches even more fun!

You can of course have any type of cuisine as a bento lunch, but for me, the visual appeal of the traditional Japanese bento box filled with delicious Japenese food cannot be rivaled. But that's the great thing about these lunches, you have full control over what you are eating - unless you're a child who is being deceived into thinking that a hard boiled egg is a cute star, or that smiley face is actually a tomato with herbs stuck on it! Needs must though and if it gets them eating nutrious, healthy food, so be it!

Experimentation is key here, try making funny faces with rice balls decorated with nori for a Japanese style bento idea, or make vegetable flowers, salad people or bread animals. To the right are some books about bento lunches that are full of great ideas and instructions on how to make a variety of great benton lunches.

See below for a video of how to make a Japanese bento lunch, complete with hotdog octopuss and apple rabbit!

How To Make Japanese Bento With Hotdog Octopuss!


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