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Bento Accessories - Cute Bento Supplies

Updated on April 25, 2012

Quick, Easy To Use And Affordable

Here's a super cute selection of bento accessories to make your bento lunches just that little bit more special. Getting creative with a bento lunch is great fun, you can do all sorts of things to make food into different shapes and even characters.

If you are making a bento lunch for a child you can be sure that their lunch will be a lot more interesting if you put a bit of creative flair into the preparation. All these bento accessories below make it easy and quick to disguise food that fussy eaters may otherwise shy away from eating.

Bento accessories are really affordable items that aren't kitchen essentials, but are must haves if you enjoy making bento either for yourself or someone else. Have a look at the great selection below!

These are really cool little molds that turn hard boiled eggs into all kinds of shapes! You might think that these won't work, but they do, at the bottom of this page you can find a video with step by step instructions and the finished result. It might sound like a complicated, messy task, but it really isn't.

If you don't have time to check out the video (though you should to see the finished result), here's an overview of what you do:

  1. Hard boil an egg
  2. Carefully peel the shell from the egg
  3. Snap open the mold
  4. Place the egg pointy end down into one side of the mold
  5. Place the other side of the mold on top and press down firmly
  6. Once the 2 sides of the mold meet, snap shut
  7. Either put into ice water or the fridge for 10 minutes
  8. Snap open your mold and carefully remove your new shaped egg

Easy huh? They look so cute when they are done. It's best to use medium to large sized eggs as these fit perfectly.

If I'm offered the choice of rice served plain or shaped, I'm choosing the latter every time! With these rice molds you can make cool shapes and even animals, the mold does all the hard work for you.

Bento lunches are really practical ways of eating if you have special dietry requirements. For kids who are fussy eaters a bento lunch is a fun way of getting them to eat things they otherwise wouldn't touch. With these great bento accessories you can transform foods into cool shapes and characters that disguise what they really are. All you need is a bit of imagination and of course some of these great bento accessories to do all the hard work for you!

The traditional Japanese bento lunch is ideal for anyone following a weight loss diet or just for healthy eating in general.

As with all bento accessories, these are really affordable fun items that make bento lunches even more fun than they were before! 

Forget fiddiling about with sharp knives and potentially cutting yourself in order to create bento box masterpieces, these cutters take away any need for a knife and a potential trip to the first aid supplies.

If you're into bento lunches, then like me you probably like picky bits of food that are a feast for the eyes. Bento cutters are great for cutting all sorts of foods into fun shapes.

There are cutters for vegetables (great to disguise veg for kids who won't touch the stuff), bread, lunch meat etc. You can really have fun turning everyday foods such as sandwiches into little art creations.

Getting kids involved in helping to make a bento lunch is fun for all, it's also a great way to get kids interested and educated about different kinds of foods. The traditional bento lunch is a very healthy one, you of course don't have to follow the Japanese style, but if you want to add some healthier options into either your own, or your childs diet, it's a great place to start.

Check out just how cute those sauce containers are! These are little collectors items in themselves. That's the thing about bento, if you have one cute bento box, you'll be tempted by others. There are so many cute and collectable bento boxes out there that it's hard not to develop a bit of an addiction!

You'll find a large selection of bento boxes for sale by clicking the link. There's some really great designs.

Back to the sauce containers! A quick tip: one of the easiest ways to fill these with sauce is with a food syringe, it makes the job really easy, and depending on how steady your hand is, mess free or virually mess free!

The thing about the traditional bento lunch is that it is made with love and care, time is taken to create these magnificent meals. With these bento accessories, you can still create your bento lunch with love and care, but they make it much more simple and time saving for todays hectic lifestyles.

Bento dividers are perfect for when you have lots of different food types making up your bento lunch. They prevent flavors from mixing and generally make your bento lunch look even more appealing!

These dividers make it simple to keep meat, fish, vegetables, rice, fruit and anything else you choose to include seperate if you choose to.

For anyone following a weightloss diet, dividing food up is a great way of regulating portion control and knowing exactly how much food you are going to be consuming. If for instance you are allowed a certain amount of each foodstuff, by dividing them it's easy to keep track of calories, fat content, carbs etc when making your bento lunch.

Having lots of little divisions of food instead of it all being grouped together can also trick the brain into thinking that there is more food in the bento box than there actually is. That's great for successful weightloss!

Bento picks are great for making mini kebabs, or for using when trying to tackle character making. They're great for holding things together. They're also really cute and add yet another fun element to add to a bento lunch.

If you are already making bento lunches and want to get a bit more creative, these bento accessories are affordable, easy tools to have around.

With bento you can be as simplistic or as creative as you want, whether making a bento lunch for yourself or someone else, there's sure to be a smile when the bento box is opened and a delicious feast for the eyes awaits to be eaten.

If you were told as a child not to play around with your food, bento throws that rule out of the window. Play, have fun, make a yummy bento lunch with cute bento accessories!

Bento egg molds
Bento egg molds


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