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Choosing A Wall Graphic - Wall Decor Stickers and Decals For Kids Rooms

Updated on August 30, 2011

Finding The Perfect Wall Graphic

Here's a great range of wall decor stickers for kids rooms, all removable and reusable! Using a wall graphic is a fantastic way to personalize a childs bedroom, to make the decor fun and lively. Great for updating a room that hasn't been decorated in a while, or perfect for minimal effort detailing, using a wall graphic is a super easy form of decorating!

Gone are the days of having to hire in expensive specialist decorators to paint a wall mural in your nursery or kids room, with these brilliant decor stickers you just peel and stick! They're an affordable and easy decorative solution for any budget.

Below you will find a wide range of decorative wall stickers for boys and girls rooms.

Decorative Wall Stickers For Kids Rooms

Aside from the fact that they look great, the best thing about these decorative wall stickers is that they are so easy to apply. You simply remove them from the backing sheet and stick to the area you want them. If you aren't happy with your choice of placement, no worries, simply peel back off of the wall and re-apply somewhere else. If you get bored of your wall graphic, you simply remove it. No need for papering or painting over, just peel and hey, it's gone!

If you're looking for a particular theme of wall graphic, there's numerous choices. To the right there are suggestions such as gaming, automobiles, jungle animals, ladybugs, fairies, princess themed, pets, flowers and dinosaurs, but we'll give more suggestions below.

As mentioned above, you don't need to pay a fortune to give a child a unique and fun bedroom decor with these stickers. You don't need to bring in specialist artists and you don't have to be artistic to use a wall graphic. Absolutely anyone could work with these wall stickers.

As a really affordable way of updating existing decor, decorative wall stickers are brilliant. You can add the stickers anywhere you like, so long as the surface is flat. You don't even need to limit them to walls if you want something a little different, you can apply to ceilings or customize furniture with them. Where you decide to put them is entirely up to your personal taste.

If you want to get the kids involved, do it, let them choose where they want their graphics to go and let them create their ideal little haven. So long as you are sticking these to a flat surface, anything goes! Have some fun with it.

More Decorative Wall Sticker Choices

Here's another varied selection, applying these stickers is the easy part, choosing which to go for is the problem! For a real unique effect, why not choose a couple of different themes and put them together?

Over to the right we have the alphabet, penguins, Cars (as in the movie), underwater creatures, Tinkerbell, flowers, butterflies, polka dots, Sesame Street and the solar system.

Whether you want to make a feature wall or have details all around the room or just certain sections, these wall stickers are what's needed for a really easy, minimal effort decorating job! You can transform a kids bedroom in a matter of minutes by using decorative wall stickers. Decorating doesn't get any easier than that! Well, unless you get someone else to do it for you!

You can have so much fun creating a special bedroom for a child with these stickers. You can opt for a minimal approach and just decorate one wall (or just a small part of it), or you can build up a really detailed decor with lots of stickers on all four walls. Maybe something inbetween! There's no rules here, and as these wall stickers are so easy to remove, you can't go wrong. It's not like painting a room on a whim and then a couple of days later deciding that you hate the color, or even worse choosing a wallpaper that looks great on the roll, but in reality looks like a dogs dinner when actually put up. Those are things that aren't easily rectified, with these super cool stickers, you simply peel off the wall and return to the backing sheet.

If you're having a kids birthday party, these are great for easy wall decorations too. You can find a wall sticker to fit your theme and make a really fun environment to host a party. It's a cheap form of party decoration that can be used over and over so long as the stickers are looked after when not in use. Most people have balloons and such, why not go that little bit extra and have wall decorations too!


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