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SpyZooka - Anti spyware Software 60 Day Guarantee

Updated on November 29, 2008

Anti spyware software

I guess we should have been nice to the geeks in school. Spyware lately has become crazy. I have had spyware on my computer many times before, but a couple of weeks ago was the worst ever.

I was surfing the internet normally doing nothing abnormal, I wasn't looking at porn, and I didn't even download anything. Yet somehow I picked up some spyware, malware (I don't know) some type of virus on on my computer. What is so bad about it is the spyware was telling my I have spyware, basically so it can make money off of selling me a spyware program.

What kind of jedi mind trick is this? Infect my pc with spyware so they can sell me anti spyware. Wow!

So every few minutes there is a pop up that tells me that my computer is infected with dangerous spyware and my privacy is at risk. Well I'm not dumb enough to use my credit card on the internet anyway, I get pre-paid cards to use when purchasing on the web. I didn't think there was any real danger, they just wanted to sell me some spyware, right? Wrong!

As I am trying to find a way to delete this crap off of my computer, the hard drive crashes. I didn't know what was going on at the time, all I knew was that my computer kept restarting itself over and over again. I tried starting it in safemode blah blah blah, nothing worked, so $145 to the computer tech. and its all fixed. He put a copy of spysweeper on the computer for me and told me I would be good now. Wrong again, but I'll get to that in a minute.


I have a laptop that I am working on in the mean time, that picks up the same nasty spyware, and I still don't know how its getting on there. So I wasn't going to waste anytime getting this removed.

I head over to a well known website,, because I'm damn sure not going to buy the one they are trying to sell me. In the past I had used to get free trial anti spyware software to remove the spyware before I learned how to get rid of it myself. Yes I know, I am wrong to purposely use anti spyware software free trials with no intentions to actually purchase, but I work online and it makes the pc so sloooow.

So this is a well know safe site to use, right? I should start doing the oppisite of what I think is safe at this point (I do finally get something right in the end) I download the anti virus, spyware, malware, whatever ware they got, the featured damn product on the first page. I wait foreevver for it to check my pc for known infections and I wait and I wait it finally gets done.

Now it shows me the "known threats" and I click to get rid of them. Then I am very politely shown what the price is to purchase the product. It's just funny to me at this point. So I try another one that isn't the featured product thinking that it would be different, but no luck. I guess I deserved that one for having bad intentions. Not only that, but I still have this anti virus software on my pc, because I can't figure out how to delete it. Again I work online I'm not a genious when it comes to a computer, but I know enough.

So now I have a laptop with spyware that I can't get rid of, anti spyware software that I can't get rid of, and a pc that's like I'm on dial up again because of spy sweeper.It seems that I am on some internet version of punk'd now, but ashton kutcher never runs out, and if he did I would put my cyber fist up his cyber.. I'll move on.

I came accross this new ant spyware software, its been around since 2004 but new to me none the less. I'll be honest I came accoss it on commision junction as I was looking for something to write about, but I deserve something for the laughs at my expense.

Now this is a product that has a 100% gaurantee to remove ALL spyware from your pc (which no other product does) but it doesn't slow your computer down. Yeah right! I'm good at being wrong at this point so of course I tried it, and of course it works, all spyware is gone. Not only does it not slow down your computer, but they offer a free 66 page report on how to speed up your computer. I knew some of these tricks, but most were actually helpful. There is a noticable difference in the speed of my pc.

I wrote this both becuase of the humor involved and becuase I noticed quite a few people who have the same, or similar problems. Read the details on all this other anti spyware removal products and they will tell you in about a million words that there product can't remove ALL virus or spyware. Spyzooka guarantee's 100% removal of all spyware without slowing down your computer, and the money back guarantee is good for 60 days. This is totally automated so you have nothing special to do. Give them a shot, You can do a free anti spyware scan to check your computer. 






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