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The manliest man on the silver screen

Updated on June 2, 2010
As if you can resist the manliness...
As if you can resist the manliness...
Or this...
Or this...
Of course, we ALL want a bit of this...
Of course, we ALL want a bit of this...

Time to tackle another important issue people, who is the manliest man in all of Hollywood? Recent times have seen an upsurge in not so manly men, and I think it's time we all got back to the manly heyday of Hollywood, which I would say spans the 80's and 90's. There were manly men before then but if we go much further back than that then we are getting into the territory of people who are now dead, and that's totally depressing, which is not at all the aim of this article.

This is not an exhaustive list of every manly man, it's sheer editorial whimsy that these men are the ones that grace the list. Feel free to vote, argue, and fight viciously amongst yourselves to defend your man's honor. That's what makes things fun.

Kevin Sorbo

He played 'Hercules', the manliest man in the Greek Pantheon, and to be totally biased, he is fighting it out for the top spot along with Chow Yun Fat. His charming manner, sparkling blue eyes, well muscled body are all pluses for this guy.

Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat is both an exceptional actor and a very manly man indeed. He kicks ass on the high seas, amongst bamboo fronds, and in the dark underworld of criminal underbellies. Chow Yun Fat has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most well recognized Asian male actors in the world. Also, he can make a woman's knees turn to jelly with one of his 'see through your soul' looks.

Chuck Norris

I can't take him seriously, but someone must, because Chucky built himself an entire empire based on ass kicking manliness. You know you want in those “action pants.”

Jean Claude Van Damme

I'm not sure exactly what happened to Jean Claude, but for a while there, I am not sure there was a woman whose world he wasn't rocking. Clearly some woman has him locked in her basement now where he serves as a sex slave to European Princesses, or something romantic like that.

Sylvester/ Arnie

I am actually not sure that these guys are different people, so I am going to put them together. They don't really stand a chance of winning, but they definitely deserve a mention, so here it is. Good one guys, you have big muscles and things, and that's just grand.

Jackie Chan

This generation's Bruce Lee, not only does Jackie Chan kick ass, but he has a talent for comedy as well. Jackie is getting a little older these days, but older ladies need love too, and it's nice to keep things age appropriate.


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