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Updated on November 7, 2008

Meaning of Yoga

"What is life" and "who made the universe" are two questions which parents hope their children don't ask. You start your spiritual journey when you are troubled by these questions and they don't seem to leave you. What is the meaning of life, why do we exist, what is purpose of life, are some of the other important questions which are very difficult to answer. Your parents get irritated by those questions which they ignored for long and science fail to answer these questions, and hence spiritual journey.

You start reading Bible, the teachings of Buddha, the scriptures of Hinduism, and many more. Sometimes it seems you are getting your answers but they are not complete and you are not satisfied. One fine day, you meet a wise man who says in order understand someone speaking Latin, you need to have Latin saved in your brain. He says it is difficult to get answers to these questions as the answers are beyond your intellect. He asks you to use your heart instead of brain.

Around the same time, one more thing troubles you.....the feeling of loneliness. The loneliness arises from the knowledge that you can empathize or sympathize but can not really feel the pain, the joy, the happiness, the grief, and many other emotions which your loved ones feel. You know that you cannot have a wire connected to the brain of your beloved and feels the pain or joy directly first person. You don't even know when the color red looks red to your beloved also, same shade? You know you cannot have that connection that union, and hence your spiritual journey.

Yoga says you can get your answers. It says that the union or connection you are seeking is actually possible. It is possible to connect not only with your loved ones but also with the nature. It goes further and states that you can actually realize or have a union with God. Yoga means union.


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