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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview 9-1-08

Updated on September 1, 2008

Three big returns tonight, Randy Orton Candice Michelle, and rey mysterio will on to-nights show. The show will kick off with Randy Orton coming out to talk about his injury and address the current championship contenders.

Also tonight on raw, wwe will have the contract signing for the Shawn Michaels Chris Jerhico match at unforgiven


  • Kofi Kingston vs. Charlie Haas (who will dress up as John Cena tonight)
  • Jamie Noble vs. William Regal
  • 6-Diva tag match:Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle vs. Katie Lea, Jillian, Beth Phoenix
  • Santino vs. D'lo Brown
  • The Miz & Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme
  • Kane vs. JBL vs.CM Punk vs. Batista in the Battle Royal main event

Shawn Michaels was said to have injured his triceps during the Raw tapping's. Shawn will see the doctors today to be evaluated. Nothing has been said about the match at unforgiven being pulled as of yet, HBK says last night that he would work the match no matter what.

On a completely different subject there is more talk of Eric Bichoff forming a new wrestling promotion on the cmt network. JR comments about it on his blog (link below)



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