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20 ways to save on money

Updated on December 24, 2010

There are many ways to save money, but these ways are often not used. People are not consistent to use these ways to save money because when their income improves slightly, they change with their income. They tend to gratify all their desires as their money increases. But those who have used these ways have proved that they are successful ways to increase savings.

The benefits of learning how to save money help to control one’s expenses. With these ways one learns how to use one’s real income and how to curb unnecessary spending .You can use these ways to cut back some percentages of what you spend on most items. You probably will not be able to implement all these ways, but see if you can work at least a couple of these ways into your routines. Challenge yourself to find a way to make some of these suggestions work for you. There ways includes:

Save $10 to $15 through brown bag: If you have a brown bag or your office has microware, it is advisable that while you are going to your office, you bring along with leftover food from last night dinner and save $10 to $15 a day for lunch.

Extended warranties: If you are using extended warranties when buying any appliance, you can skip them. The manufacturer warranty will cover you for the first year and the protection plans are often pure profit for retailers.

Health club: You can save money from health club. Your employer may have a discount package for employees or you can check your local council for any association for the same benefit at half the price.

 Cable service: Eliminating premium channels can save up to $100 or more a mouth. ESPN still has the sport you need.

 Online bill paying: if you mail a dozen checks a month; it is over $15 in postage. But you can go online and use it to pay your bills. You can even automate the payment on many recurring bills.

ATMS: It is better to use your bank ATM or get cash back at the drugstore, grocery or gas station without hitting a foreign ATM and spending above $5 on fees. It is even best to carry cash only for what you need each day; you cannot spend it if you don’t have it with you.

Cancel Subscription to magazines and Newspapers you do not need: You can cut back to your magazines and Newspaper subscription to weekends only and get your news at work, on TV or online during the week. You will have less paper to recycle.

 Manicures/Pedicures: You can leave fake nails and do your own at home once a week .You may also go to salon mid week when head-dressers offer half price specials.

Phone Bills: Internet based services like vonage, skype or phone power. Com can lower your monthly bills by more than 25 to 40 percent for your cell phone. When you want to switch your cell phone plans, consider boost mobile metro or other pay- as- you- go. Their monthly flat rate fee for unlimited calls and sending text messages can save much.

Theater discount: Employee unions or corporate discount benefits can cut most of a concert show by 50 percent but you have to ask for their ticket and book a head.

Prescription: If there is no generic version of your medication. Check online prices and mail order outlets for up to 30 percent savings at the US pharmacies.

Balance your checkbook. Avoid bouncing checks and paying insufficient fund fee that can kill a tight budget and impact on your credit rating.

Unplug appliances: When you unplug your appliances such as TV, cell phone charger and computer, you can save some percentages on money. Digital and solid state gadgets still draw electricity even when they are switched off. So unplug them overnight when you are away for a vacation or when they are not in use.

Light bulbs: If you change to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLS), you can reduce energy costs by up to 75 percent.

Buy generics: it is possible that you can cut 25 percent off the grocery bills by purchasing store brand. Store brand items such as orange juice, Tooth paste, toilet papers etc. you can buy them in bulk. Bulk shipping for toilet paper, napkins, garbage bags and detergents can save up to 30 percent at warehouse store; they don’t spoil.

Use coupons: There are websites like cool or smart source. com which can be of help to you to plan your shopping.

Smoking: Those who smoke spend over $4 to $5 a day. If you stop smoking, it will pay you more in a number of ways, First you live longer. Apart from you living longer you will save much money on smoking.

Water: Tap water in most cities is equal in purity to many bottled water, and it is cheaper. So you give up the expensive bottled water ,get a filter and refill your own bottles at home.

Regular gas: All cars are calibrated to run on regular gas. So, except the manual of your car insist on premium, an extra $2 to $5 purchase per gallon is really a waste.

Control your driving addiction; Depending on where you live, you can cut the way you drive your car and use public transportation sometimes .In this way you save money on gas, parking, insurance and wear and tear on your car. Also, cutting out daily to drive to your work and back will cause less stress on the environment and you.


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