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Annuity Lead

Updated on March 19, 2010

Annuity leads are names of individuals who are potentially interested in annuity products, along with other contact and demographic information such as address, phone number, email address, age, and income range.  For those interested in selling annuities, having a constant stream of qualified annuity sales leads is critical for making sales and earning a good living.

Annuity leads come in different forms and also can be generated using multiple methods.  These leads can either be exclusive, where you are the only one who has access to the contact person's information, or can be non-exclusive where the information is shared among many people.  The contact information included with the lead can also vary, depending on how the information was generated or how much you are willing to pay for your leads.  Obviously, the more information you receive the more expensive the annuity lead will be.

Annuity Lead Generation

In order to constantly have enough interested prospects to contact about your annuity products, you will need to have leads for annuities coming in on a regular basis.  You will need to either generate your own free annuity leads or pay for them using a lead generation company or list broker.  Both forms of leads can be very effective and having leads coming in from various sources is usually the best way of generating a variety of different kinds of prospects.

There are various ways to generate a free annuity insurance lead.  Personal referrals from people you know or from current clients is a great way of generating solid annuity leads.  When someone an individual knows refers you, there will be more trust and credibility already established which can make it easier to establish rapport and generate an annuity sale.

Holding free seminars is another great way to generate interest.  Seminar attendees will start to gain trust and see you as an expert in the field of annuities.  You can also hand out business cards, place fliers in local business establishments and community centers or give out free pamphlets with quality information on annuities to help spread the word.

Paid forms of annuity lead generation may cost more money but can also be very effective in generating leads that will lead to sales.  Direct mailing is one tried and tested ways of marketing services and products.  In order for this to be effective, you need to purchase your leads from a high quality list broker to ensure that those you are mailing to really are potential prospects who have an interest in annuity products.  Sales letters, fliers and postcards are some of the types of marketing materials that can be mailed to potential prospects.

You can also buy annuity leads from a lead management company.  These leads will contain contact information including phone numbers so that you can contact the prospects right away instead of having to wait to generate leads yourself.  Although buying leads can be expensive, it can be one of the most effective as well as fast ways for generating annuity sales.

How To Use Your Annuity Sales Leads Effectively

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to generate a good annuity sales lead.  That's why it's so important that once you have these leads that you work them effectively and efficiently in order to make sales.

The first critical thing you must do is contact the prospect as soon as possible after receiving their contact information.  The reason you have their information in the first place is because they've expressed an interest in annuity products.  If you buy leads you should be prepared to contact them within hours of purchasing them.  If you generated the leads on your own, you still want to contact the individuals right away while their interest is still peaked.

Coupled with contacting your leads right away, you also need to have a good follow up system in place.  Most sales take multiple contacts in order to close the sale.  Annuity sales are no different in this regard.  You will need to be prepared to make multiple phone calls or send multiple mailings and emails to help close the prospect.

Annuity leads are the lifeblood for making annuity sales.  Learning how to effectively generate and work these leads are the keys to your success as an annuity salesperson.


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    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Very informative hub! Thanks


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