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Annuity Leads

Updated on March 19, 2010

Annuity leads are now a growing business online. Many people are now making a few extra bucks of commission through them. Let us first understand what is an annuity lead and how does a person make money in the process?

An annuity in simple terms is the payment that you get as installments in fixed intervals mostly after retirement from an insurance company. You get this in lieu of the insurance money that you have paid while you were earning, that is before retirement. In case, the insurance holder dies, this money is given to the deceased person’s beneficiary or the family. Annuities are sold by the leading banks and insurance companies. They appoint agents who get a fixed rate of commission per policy that they register. Annuities leads are the tips about the prospective clients that they get from the professionals or the acquaintances.

How are annuity leads generated?

Now annuity lead generation has become a flourishing business. People do it online through their blogs & the social networking websites. Given below are some points that would help you understand this work prospect better:

  • If you check online, you shall come across many websites that have now become links between the buyers and sellers of these leads.
  • The agents make a profile in the website and present what kind of lead they are looking for. For instance, some agents only deal with insurance. Others require prospects that can invest a certain amount of money that is usually big. Further, some of them work in an area centric approach, that is, they can only take up the tips only from a restricted town or city.
  • At times people are willing to pay a big amount for the leads if they have to meet their sales targets.
  • Depending upon the buyer’s requirement, the one who has the leads for annuities approaches them. If there chords strike in the right manner, that person earns from the buyer.
  • The website earns a certain percentage of the deal.
  • One can have the tips in the form of some friend or family member. Some times people use their business & social contacts as well.

More Annuity Insurance Leads Information

Not all the annuity insurance leads & annuity sales leads mature in to hard core business. However, the agents are willing to pay for all of them. That is because the amount they per lead is easily recovered if they get one good client who is willing to invest big money.

One interesting thing to note is that besides linking up the buyers and sellers, some websites become the sellers them selves. In that case, the buyers are made to pay in order to access the data given there. Normally this mode of buying the leads is a little expensive, but it is worth at times.

Some agents try looking for such leads through the newspapers as well. It costs cheaper than the websites and calls for a lot of research, but in the end, it saves your money.

Last but not the least the agents can try working on self generated links. They can at least try it for some time, till they are on the hunt for a good lead.

How can one place the exact requirement of an annuity lead?

You are paying so much for these tips, so you should make sure that every lead that you get is perfect as per your requirements. Given below are some tips that would help you get rid of the ambiguity in this regard:

  • Define the sort of clients you need. - In case you are selling an annuity that is best suited for the business men to buy, then a salaried person is not an option for you. Some insurance are given as per the client’s age. Therefore, these demographic factors have to be clarified very clearly.
  • Know your budget. - Some times, you only deal in bigger amounts of money. In order to sell them you would need richer clients. You have state clearly the minimums and maximums of your budget.
  • Check out the area. - If you are authorized to deal in a specified area, you must not pay for the tips where the address is not well specified. That might lead to wastage of money. The best way to combat this problem would be to mention the zip codes along with the other details.

So the next time you try buying or selling an annuity lead, you know how to approach it in the best possible manner!


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