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Barter Bistro Project - Day Two

Updated on February 8, 2011

Yippee! A hot lead on a composter

Scouring the craigslists ads proved fruitful and fun. OK, it DID take me a few hours since I started from scratch, and we know how distracted I get when I find something shiney (Read my article on Tips for Writing Distractions) I found things I was interested in like a piglet (my ferret several years ago did not quite work out as envisioned, so I abandoned this one. Deed restrictions too. The Clown Kit in a Box sounded like it had an interesting story. Nope, not for me though. Interesting, but pass. My goodness, there must be a greater ratio of men vs. women barter opportunities. Lots of cars and trucks and guns wanted to be traded. No one wants to be scammed and NO one wants services. There must be some history with some of these people who barter giving the whole bartering system a bad wrap. I also found a Yorkie that someone wanted to trade. Really? I had better not tell my better half about this one as we may be a two dog family.

I have to figure out what in the world “WTT” and “WTS” means. This is leet speak for sure but don’t have time to figure it out today.

Success and Eureka! I found a composter and on our side of town no less! Yippee, but for Pete’s sakes, I had to go back several weeks of postings. Now I have to send an email to explain what I am doing and to see if they are willing to trade.

Hubby said he did not think we had anything interesting that anyone else would be interested in since we had a garage sale over the weekend. You know he COULD be right, but let me see. Hmm, I already asked him if he would donate that hammer drill to my project. How many of them does one need anyway. The answer was no. I’ll find something of mine and hope that Mr. Composter will be interested in something non- outdoor related.

I scoured the house and found jewelry. One new Liz Claiborne turquoise earrings and bracelet combo, One pearl necklace I wore as a brides maid probably 20 years ago (nice, however), a wrap around turquoise and stone bead bracelet with silver feathers on each end, a new, tan leather mockisin kit (partially put together by my son); two new, old school Houston Astros hats (2) and two old school Houston Rockets basketball hats from my husband's old school hat collection.

Well, let me fire away the email to see if I any of my things will interest the Compost “poster”.

I am excited. Day One, and I have already discovered something. I will begin to make a log of time and money spent along this journey.

Money Spent: $0
Hours Spent: Ahem….Four. Hey, I had to catch up with all those postings, look around the house and craft an interesting email. Tomorrow does not seem like it will take me as long. I'll take some time to find some more stuff and search today's craigslist posts.  I'll see you on tomorrow's hub.



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    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      Lynda Lou,

      "Yippee! A hot lead on a composter " -this drew me in.LOL

      Anyone who gets excited at the prospect of combining onion skins, egg shells and coffee grounds every few days with decaying newspapers, vegetables and uneaten food has a tendency to attract my notice. Partially because I admire their desire to recycle waste rather than bagging it, but mostly ... because of the worms. lol

      As a 5th grader I remember our teacher reading us a book that I haven't forgotten to this day entitled, "How to eat fried worms." Each day when we had completed the assignments he would pull it out and all us boys would sit with rapt attention as he related the story.

      As I remember it, two lads were involved in a bet that one of them would eat so many worms in so many days and would get so much money. I remember the ultimate kicker that sealed the deal was he could use catsup or mustard on them. They could be

      "boiled, stewed, fried, fricasseed."

      Anyway...(Got sidetracked) I haven't read the other hubs in the series but plan to follow along for a minute and see where this leads. I enjoyed the question regarding hammer drills and can say one can never have too many. LOL

      As a lark, before commenting I went to my city's Craigslist page and used the search feature to quickly check if any were available. Are they really an item thats recycled? What a unique hub idea for ya - Recycling the Recycler ...LOL

      I will be back soon. This should be fun...