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Consumer Rights: Protecting People

Updated on November 24, 2010

Love To The World

I love being a Taurus!
I love being a Taurus! | Source

Historic Memories

Being in the legal business in many capacities has given me a birds eye view of what goes on behind the scenes in many areas of business. Unfortunately there is much that is negative, and most people are totally unaware of. Hubs will be written about experiences in industries that I have some connections to. The legal business being one. I maintain a broad array of legal skills which I presently apply to business I do today. I am currently a branch of 2 major law firms specializing in actually helping people. I recently switched sides of the fence in the legal business, because my focus has always been helping people, no matter what type of litigation I was preparing to carry out.

Today is the massive change we have all been waiting for. It is now upon us, and it is our duty to give back to the people everything they have been deprived of for so long. It is my personal mission to relay all facts learned, exposed, uncovered through connections, experience, and research over to the people for educational purposes, and ability to function at a fair level. At times I have said, "You give the people ALL the facts, and you let THEM decide what is best for Them!"

I'm at the point of anger, and beyond. Constructively building the portal for people to gain the facts, and make intelligent decisions to better their lives. A true mathematical equation that actually works. How dare they extract, with hold, and omit the actual facts. I say educating the public is a better way to drive people to gain a better understanding of the position they need to improve. The facts behind the scenes, is what I write about. This is what people need to know.

I'm setting an example that everyone should be treated fairly, and given all the facts. Not just the facts they want you to know. All of us on this side, are knitting people back together. For the good of the many...period. You are either for the people, and planet, or against them. There are only 2 sides now. You are on one or the other. Corporate Tyrants decided that for you. I don't recall any news letter going out to the people letting them know the moves they were making would be causing the fall of the economy. This was all done behind the backs of the people, with the people's money. The people were not privy to what was going on behind the scenes. However I was, and here are some small steps I've taken to protect people.

It's not always about money, it's about change...for the better. Nobody can undo my history, and it cannot be denied. It is imprinted as a part of my generation, and will remain. Some of the things I have done, may make you laugh. In everything I do, I do it with love, and always have fun.

Here is a list of tidbits from the past.

I was the tom boy in school who protected the nerds. I bullied the I got in trouble for it I didn't mind though, because someone had to protect them. I decided that someone would be me. I've been on this path my whole life since. I believe it's the People, and planet who matter...period.

At the age of 18, I was contacted by the chief investigator of the FTC, Wash. DC, because a company I was working for was committing fraud, stealing funds over the phone from people, and not paying tax. It involved the Oil and Gas Lease Lottery program way back when, (you may remember). He explained what they were doing, and asked me to work with him to collect evidence. Of course I agreed, (I was in love with the legal business), and began to report back my findings. The abundance of evidence compiled, from several companies (I intentionally went to work for) enabled them to shut down the program once and for all. It was a huge success, (from his standpoint) and so we continued on to collection agencies, (because I went into the legal collection business in NYC). When he retired, (way back when)(Regional Chief) took over anything that involved me, and I have kept her abreast of many cases I am involved in, as far as complaints against collection law firms/agencies that violate consumers rights. Copying her on all the fights I took on, (against various firms), allowed them to have reason to make amendments to the fdcpa, and fcra, and so on. And so it continues...Permanent quest of mine.

Following that experience, I went on to work with all the NYC Marshals, in a firm in the city. I started with Parking Violations, then went on to handle the entire Dept. Of Ed student loans portfolio for the 5 boroughs. Extremely successful but this was the firm I sent the first NYC Marshal to his death, (if you remember that incident) I sent him out to a collision shop in NYC to seize vehicles for $30,000 in scofflaw fines, and he was fatally shot in the head. I was such a youngster, and to have to deal with this was tragic, and traumatizing, still to this day. However I studied psychology, and still do, which helped me greatly during this time. I still work with his son to this day.

Following that event, I then suddenly had my consumer rights violated by 2 NY attorneys. I filed my case against them, and walked in with a stack of cases, including the 1st case in U.S. history of an attorney being sued for third party disclosure. The Judge shook my hand and thanked me for educating him on the law. It took all but 30 minutes for this one. It was a great win, and I was the youngest female to bring suit against 2 attorneys for this. One of my great memories. It's funny in 2004, at a firm where I handled lot's of cases, I picked up the phone, (because I saw his name and number come up) and said my name, and can I help you?" As soon as he heard my name, he hung up the phone! I guess I still haunt him to this day. He should have just offered me a job running his office!

Following that event, I moved on to shut down several collection agencies for a variety of violations. They were the biggest, with 1800 offices, until I took action and shut them down. One had to shut down 3 major offices, (2 in NYC, and 1 in LI), and ship everyone to their jersey office. It took 24 hours from the receipt of my certified complaint to the them, and a host of authorities. Several of these Complaints I wrote, resulted in immediate shut down. Fond memories of good v evil.

Moved to PA. and took was the most fun state, (actually commonwealth) I've ever lived, and worked in. They loved me, and I was very successful there. I was the only female (only person) to have a judgment granted to my client over the phone. It was a judgment against a Phone Company, for harassing my client. It took me less than 10 minutes to have this wrapped up by talking with the judge. That was in a Poconos court house, in 1993. I had many dealings with them that were very pleasant, and successful.

Then I moved on to representing resorts for their accounts, areas of commercial funding, and more. I brought in a billion dollars to the poconos in 92-93 when all the banks pulled out. I was there for 10 years, and still do lot's of business there. I have great attorney friends there as well. While I did that I also helped people revamp companies, financial problems, obtain car loans, establish credit, buy cars from me (I sold $203K in cars in 3 commercials I wrote). I literally had the Jerry Lewis telethon going on, and line up of about 60 people (to buy, close, and sign up every tuesday and thursdays), and they were complaining I didn't have a buffet!

I hung around the welfare offices, and took several people off of welfare, and became very friendly with everyone in social services areas. (I used locate absent fathers for welfare in NYS). (I know, and have had many discussions in the past with the Chief of the SSA, in NY) He said, if you find a way to implement a program to stop this fraud, I will help you get it going. (I definitely have a program, it's written up already).

Then I took on the Insurance commission. They had made a man sign a blank confession of judgment on his death bed. He died, and they filled in the blank at $100K, and proceeded to try to collect on it. I stepped in and had it vacated, I forced enforcement of their own rules.

I have also represented the Commonwealth of Pa for property tax. I never lost a fight once. My attorney friend laughs at how I take action. Sometimes I call her for help, and she always says what the hell do you need me for, you get judgments over the phone! lol... I love Pa.

Next, I had to move back to NY because my Grandmother was dying. I had the only grandchild. I managed a Law Firm in Melville. Also very successful. Handing Apt. portfolios, and NYS Ins. Fund, and of course some celebrity functions, and such. It was interesting, and I worked well with the attorney. During this time, I was calling the alleged terrorists in the Apt. building to collect on rent! Namely the ones who allegedly drove the planes into the buildings...The Feds arrived not too long after, and seized the files. Another memorable experience. I remember not wanting to take the mail from the mailman...with the anthrax nonsense.

I recently settled a case (big bank) of a Business Line of Credit. The balance was approximately $190,000 (unsecured), and I was the one suing the account. They had no assets to liquidate, and I recommended to the bank to settle for what they could borrow. The settlement amount was 20%, totaling $38,000 to close the case. I was tagged as a Benedict Arnold in the firm for helping these people settle this, legitimately. By the firms usual process. Read about it here:

That's when I decided to open my own branch of the law firm. Now I am a branch of 2 firms who help people. My quest continues, and I will remain for the duration. I believe Love is the best way to spread the information out across the globe. Everything I do is through Love...period.

Free Information To Consumers: Stop Your Foreclosure!


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