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Don't Forget to Put Google Adsense on your Bottom

Updated on September 27, 2010

Anyone who is trying to make money from their own website or blog with Google Adsense will be aware of the importance of ad placement. There is plenty of advice on the net about how to get the most out of Google Adsense and Google Adsense offers plenty of their own advice about the placement of their ads and also use of colour schemes. They even have an image which shows where people tend to look at when browsing a webpage so you know where best to place ads.

Now this advice says place your ads above the fold, as in visible on the page when it loads rather than scrolling down to see them and its good advice. If you think about it many people visit a web page stay less than 5 seconds and clear off usually via the back button. So placing ads on the top half of the page makes sense as you may attract them to click through on an ad rather than hitting the dreaded back button.

But something you shouldn't ignore is those who do like what they discover, that do stay and read through the page whilst scrolling down to the bottom. Now when they get to the bottom of the page you want to give them options such as sharing your page with others, useful links to other pages on your site but also give them an ad to click on because they might not want to read anymore. Plus for those who come to your page looking for something scanned and scrolled down without discovering what they want you want to try and get them to click an ad rather than the back button.

But what ad do you put down there, is it worth using one of your three advertising blocks down there on the off chance than someone will scroll down. My advice from what I have found is No, don't waste a big advertising block at the bottom of the page as these tend to be the ones which will make you the most money and so should be near the top of the page or blended into your content. Instead use another ad type and one which is often over looked is the Adsense link unit.

Now here is the thing about Adsense link units, they require two actions and they are for the person visiting the page to click on them and then also then click on an advert on a resulting Google page for you to earn anything from their activity. And as such you do get people who click once, look and then clear off without clicking an advert. But what's better offering a possible earning opportunity at the bottom of your page than nothing at all.

And there is another good reason why Adsense link units are perfect for this, they look different to your normal Adsense unit and so are not so prone to the dreaded ad blindness where people just switch off after seeing the same old Adsense adverts. Plus if at the bottom of your page you have links through to a privacy page, contacts pages, sitemap and so on they fit in nicely next to them blending in link a second menu.

So whilst definitely favour putting the bigger Google Adsense units above the fold don't forget to cover your bottom with an Adsense Link Unit as well. If it's good enough for Hubpages then it shoud be good enough for your site.


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