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Earning Money With AdSense: I Got Paid This Much from Google? Not Much!

Updated on June 22, 2016
making a pile of dollars
making a pile of dollars

Make Money With Google AdSense With A Few Very Fine Hubs?

The Google AdSense affiliate program is an important topic on the Internet, because of the changes happening with online writing sites- and quality control. There will always be something that will change and for the most part, it is something that we as writers will have to accept if we wish to survive on the web. We publish our work and want to create some fine hubs, and this is a means to an end, but we forget that it is also a business, and we have to earn money. As much as we like to make money, getting paid is not as easy is it once was, and some ask does anybody make money with Google AdSense anymore?

It's a time factor and an intelligence factor. Not so much IQ, but money and keywords intelligence about the Google affiliate program (which also includes AdWords, and Analytics). A bit of knowledge about SEO is also helpful in this business-- if you want to increase your income. Publishing your online article is one thing you can do to increase your earnings, but if your overall writing is poor then there is a problem.

There are some ways to earn income by using the Google AdSense program. It is just that you need to be careful and use a bit of thought while writing a hub and then marketing a hub. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. At the start of my hub writing experience I knew next to nothing about Google or getting a better return on Google. Some will ask you do you really get paid for Google AdSense?

It is all about the things you do with Google, the business choices that you make, and that all comes together to make you money with the Google AdSense program. The only problem is there are many days when you do not make money and that is frustrating to a new writer who does want to make this a living. We all want to say the words "I got paid."

Small change adds up. To make money you start small like a penny or two but then it grows.
Small change adds up. To make money you start small like a penny or two but then it grows.
but you will need to keep working at it.
but you will need to keep working at it.
then you might get paid this much!
then you might get paid this much!

Keywords+ Traffic+ More Money From Google AdSense

Use the Google AdWords Keywords Tool, to help understand your potential revenue:This particular program is a great beginning, this is a sort of make money with Google AdSense "for dummies" type version, for the most part it's a great tool for people who want an idea of what their hubs can make. (Google AdWords is a part of the google affiliate program, but people who don't have AdWords can still use it, and should use it, the keyword tool part of it.) Type in a few Keywords, and ask for the estimated cost of a keyword.

This will give you a much better idea of how much to expect from a hub, or an online website, in terms of dollars per click. Just remember this is only an estimate when you use the keyword tools.. For example: a single word keyword gets you nowhere, it tends to have a lot of "hits" but you will find it hard to get people to dig for your hub.. A phrase is helpful, but as long as you get traffic to the hub, with a good use of SEO (search engine optimization.) This is the sort of thing where it break down to with Google AdWords I can learn how to make money and how much I can earn.

The problem is working with the keywords you find and publishing a hub that will increase traffic to your work.

Hub Pages Statistics and Traffic Reports: Under My Account there is are two things that I use to look at a lot, until I understood it to the best of my abilities. The Hub Statistics for each and every hub you publish. This tells you how many people have come to the hub, how many have commented, and of course when they came. The traffic tells you where everyone came from. What you want to see on that list is diversity. Question yourself if there isn't. If it's all from hubpages you won't make much money if you are getting it from search engines (some SEO knowledge this will make sense) and hubpages better, but also see if you are linking correctly to your other sites, it is about traffic and getting people to read what you write about.

Look at Your Keywords:Some make more money than others, ask what works for your hub and why. If you use to generic keywords the search engines won't find them, too specific and people won't think to type it in the keywords.( this is often why you might not get paid by Google AdSense.) Not all keywords will make money and some of the sections on hub pages simply have so much that your hub needs to stand out, and get A LOT of traffic. otherwise, no matter how good the hub, you won't get clicks. You can use google AdWords to look or do some searches on search engines to find out. This takes time and effort and it is something that you will need to do to increase your profits.

This is the difference between the idea of payments: with on type, you will not get paid with Google AdSense, and with the other you will get paid with Google AdSense.

Just thining of this won't help
Just thining of this won't help
you have to do a lot of writing and publishing
you have to do a lot of writing and publishing
almost a mountain of books!
almost a mountain of books!

Are You Getting Paid By AdSense?

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Do You Use Google AdSense?

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Money, Your Readers and Expectations

Understanding AdSense and Your Readers:Some people simply read hubs and comment and some will click on a AdSense ad, others won't spend to much time on the hub to make a difference. All this however is an important thing to know and you will need to use Google Analytics to find this out. People do stop and comment on them and that's vital to writing. People learn your name. This is about making money, but since they are out there, people know my style... so does it hurt? No, it helps as many will read other hubs I write, my traffic can come from. This is not about why You don't make money from Google AdSense, but rather why your readers don't care to click on ads.

Google AdSense is a program where the key to making the money you want to to know your readers and understand what thee search engines where your readers are coming from want with your websites. This is why most people use a keyword research tool, or even try to see what people are searching based on the search engines.

The is more, you need to increase traffic and you need to do this fast if you want to get paid faster, of course part of increasing traffic is better search engine optimization, and the more quality content you have the better the search engines will like. It is not all about making oney online!

There more you target your traffic, which means the more you do keyword research and spend time reworking older websites and blogs, then the more likely you will make money and see success with the Google AdSense Affiliate Program.

What Are Your Expectations about getting paid?:This is the what do you actually get paid from hubpages question, if your hubs aren't doing well, and you expect a great income from AdSense, I'll shed a light on the subject. From numbers I've read and from other comments, really only about 25% of people who use AdSense make $100 a month.

That is 1 in 4 make $100 a month. Then you can break it down from there, but the numbers are varying-- some only make pennies per year, so they are not getting paid much over a long time. So, it's not a definite thing. The following is important, people will comment and read something good, but will also read something from an author who's been around a while.

Keep writing fine hubs, but understand what you are writing about and where you are writing this hub will affect what you earn on Google AdSense. A quick and final example: If you write about finances and the keyword rates are higher "pay" than a hub on books. This doesn't mean you shouldn't write hubs on books or writing just don't expect say $10 a click!

To have success in the Internet and make money, and get paid you will need to plan long-term and build your links and improve your performance of your websites and hubs. To get paid means to work hard and to be willing to improve and fix the mistakes you made in the past.

To your success on hubpages, on your hubs and on making money with Google AdSense!


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