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Electronic Benefits Transfer EBT Card Accounts

Updated on February 28, 2012

If you collect food stamps, food assistance or cash benefits from the federal government or your state government, chances are that you have an EBT account. Electronic Benefits Transfer, EBT, is the system by which most of the food assistance and cash benefits awarded to needy families are processed and transacted. Instead of using paper food stamps to buy items at a grocery, now you will have a plastic debit card that looks and works pretty much like any other debit or credit card. When you buy food or other authorized and qualified products at a store, you would swipe your card through the card reader so the cashier can process your transaction. No one knows that you are using state or federal food stamp assistance or other cash benefits.

Depending upon the state where you live will determine which plastic EBT card you will carry and which assistance program you will be on. When you check your EBT benefits, account history and transaction history you will need to visit the appropriate website so you can login and sign in to your EBT account online. Some states will have their own web portal that manages and processes transactions, or where you will login to check your account balance.

Electronic Benefit Transfer - EBT Account

check ebt accounts online login
check ebt accounts online login

Electronic Benefit Transfer Accounts

Food stamp benefits can only be used to purchase food products that have been authorized by the USDA's Food Stamp Program. If you are receiving cash benefits, you will typically be able to purchase any product or merchandise as well as have the ability to get cash back or access an ATM machine.

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    • profile image

      Michael E Silcott 3 years ago

      My I receive my account balance for Access card # 5081392018578262 (Florida). Thank You.

    • profile image

      Lisalulu 4 years ago

      As usual waiting on my card to be filled and its after 2 am in the morning on fill date and I wanted to stay up to go to store so my kids could have milk in the morning.... But guess what!? It ain't happening! Every time I need it the stupid card takes all night to get my money on it. If I didn't need it it probably would have been filled right at midnight! I hate having to depend on the government to feed my family! I hope the day comes soon that I won't! By the way ... Who's in charge of deciding how much money they put on the ebt card?!?! Who ever it is ain't been in a grocery store and noticed the prices on food now have they!? And they think that little bit of money feeds my 3 kids n me?!?! They crazy as we think they are!

    • profile image

      Fuptbuits 5 years ago

      My partner and i helpful to acquire on top of living but lately I've established the opposition.

    • profile image

      Tanzie Yvette Haines 5 years ago

      Who invented EBT food card where is EBT food card company,whats the investment on the card.

    • profile image

      food 5 years ago

      what do I do if I maxed out the pin on my card?

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      If your deposit day falls on a Sunday, do you have to wait until Monday for the money to be put on the card?

    • profile image

      Andrea 6 years ago

      I have two conflicting Notices of Case Action from the State of Florida Department of Children and Families. The worst part is that when I call it states that I have a $131 allotment for September but when I try to use it is is $1.00 only. What should I do? I have to use my one remaining credit card to get food and soon it will be maxed out.

      I am an elderly woman and have bent over backward to get it right. I can't reach anyone by phone and so am left in the lurch!

    • profile image

      Danielle 6 years ago

      My account says its been disabled, and I can't log on, I have no way to call the number, so how do i check my account?

    • profile image

      blanken 6 years ago

      if you only get food stamps once a year it is because you are under 50 years of age. you have to notify your case worker to reappy. or go to the office and get form to fill out. you can only receive just 2 years.

    • MikeNV profile image

      MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

      More profit for JP Morgan Chase who outsources the work to India. Way to go USA. Take the jobless... give them food stamps, then instead of creating jobs... outsource the administration of those jobs to India.

    • profile image

      velma 7 years ago

      I HAVE BEEN USING EBT CARD FOR ONE YEAR, SO i have to reapply food stamp and new can I REACH THEM?

    • profile image

      Collin 8 years ago

      I just received my EBT card - I've never had one before. What are the qualified items that I can purchase? How do I know what I can & cannot buy at the grocery store?