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First National Bank Online Banking Information

Updated on April 6, 2012

The First National Bank also known as the FNB bank among some people, is a full service bank with online banking login at their official website and internet bill payments. No matter what you are looking for from the First National Bank, they will probably be able to provide to you or lead you in the right direction. Once at the website, you can choose to go ahead and login or sign in to your account. The signon process is simple with your Horizon Online Login ID. You can apply online for their online banking service, and you must already be a First National Bank customer to apply for the Horizon Online Homebanking service. You can also select transfer options.

At the site you can also choose to find bank and ATM locations, or you can select to browse personal finance products, checking accounts, savings, CDs and more. Their Horizon online home banking is your 24 hours per day connection to your money and financial accounts. When you login or signon to your account you can view balances, transactions, view check copies and print your own check copies if wanted. You can also pay bills online and setup immediate transfers or plan future cash, money, asset or bill pay transfers.

First National Bank

At FNB there is an array of personal and business financial products available including:

• Horizon online banking and bill payment
• First touch telephone banking
• Cash Management
• Checking and savings accounts
• CDs, Certificates of Deposit
• Money market accounts
• ATM Debit cards
• Reorder checks online
• Estate planning
• Retirement planning
• Trust services

and more. If you have an online account with this bank, you can login and signon to your account from their official website. Once you login and sign in, you can then manage activities concerning your banking account online.

This bank is not alone obviously, because there are many competing banks working hard for your business. Check out different banks to see their policies, interest rates, customer service habits and many other variables that lead to a good decision on a company where you will put your hard earned money.

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    • profile image

      Musa Ndlela 3 years ago

      Hi Customer Services.

      I this is not a Space for queries however I just downloaded a FNB App on my Nokia Lumia 520 and I have an Online Banking. I would appreciate to be guided on how to connect my FNB Cheque Account.

      Thanks & Regards

      Musa Ndlela


    • profile image

      johnathan 4 years ago

      i like the cell phone bankin thank you fnb