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7 Free Online Tax Filing Sites

Updated on January 31, 2010

Filing taxes used to be such a royal pain in the backside but with the advent of free online tax filing and tax programs that allow you to both file and pay your taxes online for free, tax time couldn't get any easier. I've personally been using TurboTax for the last few years and I'm quite happy with them, but there are many online tax programs that offer free online tax preparation and filing. Typically, things are free if you're taxes are on the simpler side -- but even if your taxes are more complicated you can still file online but you may need to pay a moderate fee if you have to use the more complicated tax software. Below you'll find a list of FREE sites that offer FREE online tax preparations. In some cases the offers are only available in certain states so be sure to check that first.

1. H&R Block


H&R Block is one of the most trusted accountancy firms in the US and most people are quite familiar with the company. If you've earned less than $57,000 and were younger than 51 last year, you are eligible for their free online tax preparation service as long as you don't have to file a Schedule C, E, F or K-1 form. If you want to file your state taxes as well that will cost you ten bucks. If you don't meet these requirements you can choose one of their moderately priced tax services.

2. Turbo Tax (Intuit)


Like I've said, I've been using Turbo Tax for awhile and I've always been quite pleased with their service. To qualify for their free tax preparation service you must meet at least one of the following requirements: Your AGI (adjusted gross income) must be less than $31,000 OR You were active military during the last tax year, in which case your AGI can be up to $57,000 OR You qualify for the Earned Income Credit. If you don't qualify for a free tax return, Turbo Tax offers very affordable online tax preparation as well.

3. Liberty Tax


If you earn less than $57,000 (AGI) and are 50 years old or younger, you may qualify for eSmartTax's free online tax service. And if you don't qualify for the free version you can still choose one of their inexpensive tax preparation services for less than 10 dollars. And if you need more time to pay your taxes you can get a tax extension as well.

4. TaxAct Online


This free online tax preparation service is available in all states and the free version is available for those making up to $57,000 per year and if you're between 19 and 55 years of age. You can print your return for free or efile it for free and you can get your IRS tax refund back in as few as 8 days!

5. File Your Taxes Online


This free online tax service is available to those between the ages of 15 and 52 and who earn up to $57,000 per year. Services are available for all states and of course the company also offers a paid version if you don't qualify for the free one.

6. Tax Simple


If you're too old to qualify for the above tax services, Tax Simple's free tax service is offered to those 66 years of age or younger and whose AIG is less than $57,000 per year. This online tax program is not offered in every state however so do check in advance to be sure your state is listed.

7. Free 1040 Tax Return


And if you're *still* too old to qualify for any of the above tax services, you can try Free 1040 Tax Return, who offer free tax preparation and free tax filing for those up to 71 years of age who also earn less than $57,000 per year. Note that you will need to check in advance to be sure your state is listed.

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