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How To Make Money Selling Discount Golf Balls Or As A Golf Ball Washer

Updated on August 5, 2013

Selling Discount Golf Balls And Building Your Empire

As someone needing cash. selling discount golf balls is a great way to make extra money. You can make money as a golf ball washer. Making money washing golf balls is just the beginning of your golf ball enterprise.

If you live near a golf club you can very simply gain access by first asking permission to gather lost balls when the golf course is closed. You never want to do this without permission and get into trouble for trespassing. Always offer the golf course 15%- 25% of the profits to assure you gain access.

How To Sell Discount Golf Balls

  1. Get permission from golf course management and give incentive to let you retrieve the balls.
  2. Gather golf balls. You will need a golf ball retriever, net or scuba gear if your real serious.
  3. Wash golf balls. You can buy a golf washer or hand wash them yourself which is time consuming but worth it.
  4. Resell golf balls.You can go to eBay to see how others are selling lots of used golf balls.You can sell directly to golfers or on place an ad on craigslist.

You will have to separate your golf balls used without cuts into class categories. A,B,C class with:

  • A Grade Golf Balls being new brand balls with no scraps. This grade is shiny and looks new.$1 per ball.
  • B Grade Golf Balls are very similar to the A class but may have a mark or dot that may be nearly missed. This grade is shiny and looks new. $.50 per ball.
  • C Grade Golf Balls is a very good looking ball but may be slightly discolored and have more markings. This grade is shiny but does not look new. $.25 per ball.

Be sure to check your prices depending on your area. This goes for washing golf balls as a golfers service also.

What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Discount Golf Ball Business

Before you decide that selling discount golf balls is the way for you to make extra money, make sure that you know about the dangers. Forget about this if reptiles and alligators are in your water. But if not you can go to the trickiest golf courses with the craziest water traps and gather those balls!

Stay orderly and always keep track of your balls, visits and money you charge and make. Keeping account of all of your activities can keep confusion down and allow you to see how much money you are actually making. Having a business plan for your golf ball business will allow you to see growth and make good business moves. You may end up hiring people to work for you!

  • Save Money
  • Reinvest in your business
  • Be courteous
  • Be fair

Remember to always get permission from several golf clubs and never ever think about short changing your resource they can and will ban you from their club and others as well. You want to become trusted and a regular and you will see that more business will come your way.

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