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How To Earn Extra Money Fast For Kids - 10 Extra Easy Ways to Make Money Ideas For Teens

Updated on December 14, 2013

Ways to make extra easy money fast!!

I know there are many articles on the web with "money making ideas for teens" but I still feel that I have something more to offer, even if it's an adult that gets something out of it.Many teens think in terms of what job they can get and who will hire them.

Don't think of this as a competition with others, Your main concern should be doing the best job possible! Being consistent,reliable and a job well done is the main thing others are seeking.

10 Extra Easy Ways to Make Money For Kids and Teenagers

  1. Babysitter - As a teen that needs to make money you have to examine your strengths, situation and take full advantage of your natural skills. You may already be baby sitting a younger sibbling; so why not get paid by adding another kid for an hourly wage?
  2. Personal tutor - You can run errands and so housework, tutoring, dry-cleaning or shopping to assist others. You don't have to limit yourself to one type of job.
  3. Childrens Theme Parties - Like to have fun? You can arrange a birthday party for 6 year olds in your parents den or community hall. You can have princess themes or the latest girls cartoon fad for little girls and race car themes or the latest fad cartoon character for little boys. It's up to you. But the more options you have the better! Here are children party ideas if you go this route.
  4. Pet Sitter/Groomer - Do you own a dog, hamster, cat or bird? I bet there are things you can assist other pet owners with. You can pet sit or groom dogs. You can take the earning and buy wholesale pet items to sell to your clients in your neighborhood. I'm sure there are many busy people that would enjoy your services.
  5. Bake Sales - Do you like to cook or bake? If you do your parents can help you organise a bake sale in a community location or you can take orders from your parents friends, teachers, or neighbors. All you have to do is make fliers with bake list and make a reasonable price for your items. You can place your item's in gift baskets or boxes and have themes such as Birthdays, Valentines, Your Special etc!
  6. Golf Ball Washer - If you live near a golf community you can become the designated golf ball washer. Believe me there are many that can do without worrying about how to wash golf balls.
  7. Golf Ball Reseller - Get permission to gather balls from your nearest golf course and resell the balls back to the golfers for some nice change. Read How To Make Money Selling Or Washing Golf Balls
  8. Car Detail/Wash Automobiles - have to be cleaned all year long. Just imagine the people that hate to do this job when you will do it for a minimal fee. Washing, vacuuming, wiping , drying, buffing and throwing away trash can be the perfect beginning when saving for your first car! Just imagine the special people in your life that may match what you have made for your own new car!!
  9. Boot Washer - Being a boot washer must sound surprising to you. But guess how many people work in boots and throw them away just from being dirty and smelly! We don't throw our dirty clothe away. We wash them! Check out this article I wrote about How To Wash Your Boots.
  10. Teens Make Fast Money Online Bonus Tip!! - You may have to get someone over 18 to help you. No, you will have to get someone over 18 to help you sign up for Fiverr and a paypal account for payments. You can be the genius in this operation if you are talented with computer games,writing, giving tips etc. For example imagine making money saying happy birthday in a favorite children's character costume and getting paid just for saying "Happy Birthday" and dancing?

When you go to you will be amazed what people are doing for $5!! If you are a teen and want to make money this is a no brainer because everyone know teenagers are creative!

You now have the skills to service others that can save the money by having their old boots washed by you. WARNING:Please get permission from your parents to use your private washing machine, going to craigslist or other ways to make money fast.

Read my other Hub for more Making Extra Easy Money for Kids and Teens.


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