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How To Begin Prepping On Only $10 A Week

Updated on March 31, 2013
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It Isn't Too Late To Begin, Nor Should It Be Too Expensive

In this terrible economy, it is difficult to do anything other than just keep your head above water. Because of this many people find it difficult to plan ahead and prepare for any size disaster. From something as small as losing your job to as great as an environmental disaster, have you considered how you would feed yourself, or provide other basic necessities of life?

This article will show various ways you can begin to prepare for disasters, or at minimum, hedge against future price increases. The methods here are not absolute. They are meant to spark your own ideas and make your preparedness plan as unique as your situation.

Get Organized, Then Get Prepared

There are many methods to prepping, and you should find one that meets your lifestyle and situation. Some people do a "mix and match" form of shopping, getting a little of this and a little of that. Whereas other people focus on one thing (or one type) for the shopping trip. Choose which method works best for you.

Once this is done, you'll begin to identify your needs. This should be a fairly inclusive lists, not broad and vague. This list will seem monumental and daunting at first, but that should be no reason for alarm or discouragement. This list should include some of the basics, such as:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Medicines
  • Fuels
  • Defense
  • Hygiene Products

After you've made your list you can then divide your list and begin to get one or two items from the list each time you go shopping. This will allow you to tackle the list of preparedness supplies in a manageable fashion. Doing so provides and ongoing sense of satisfaction security knowing that you and your loved ones can survive through a disaster or crisis.

Practical Ways To Prepare For Disaster

Here are some practical ways you can begin to prepare and store necessities in the event they weren't available elsewhere.

If you only had $10 to spend to prep, what could you begin to purchase? If you wanted to get only food, for example, you could buy about 25 lbs of rice from a restaurant supply, or 10 lbs. of beans.

If you wanted to spread out your shopping you could purchase 2 2.5 Gallons of water, 1 lb. of beans, and 1 gallon of gasoline. This would provide a small amount of security. Small amounts add up very quickly, and you'll begin to find ways to cut expenses in order to focus more of your energy into prepping and ensuring your safety in a disaster.

Don't Wait Too Long To Begin Preparing

Hopefully this short article has piqued your interest in prepping, and encouraged you to take further steps to increase your threat awareness, but also to begin to prepare for disaster. It's better to be a year early, than it is to be an hour late.

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