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How To Open A Bank Account In Turkey (Detailed)

Updated on August 3, 2015

A Bank Account In Turkey

It is not as hard as we might think it is to open a bank account in Turkey, the procedure may take up to two days - maximum - and you will not really have difficulties asking and getting support from the staff because almost every bank has employees who can speak English especially those who work in international banks.

Can all banks open accounts for foreigners? According to my knowledge, citizens from EU, Middle east (except Syrians and Iraqi's, please check the 4th section in this article to find out what banks accept Syrian and Iraqi citizens ) US, Australia and UK can open accounts in all banks, whether international or local and as for the other citizens, I really don't have a clear idea about this but I'm sure you can always find a bank to open your account with.


What Are The Documents That Should Be Prepared?

The first thing that you should get is the tax number paper, it's a paper that would be having your name on it and your tax number. In Turkish, it's called " Vergi numarasi " and you can get it from the tax office apartment ( In Turkish " Vergi dairesi ), every region has at least one tax office. You can look on the map for the nearest vergi dairesi to your place of residence or stay or ask anyone, I cannot give you exact details of addresses.

As for the most visited city " Istanbul " and Regions " Fatih , Beyoglu And Sisli " Here are the addresses to their tax offices.

- Fatih: Sanayi Mah., E-90 Blv No:53, Aksaray Merkez/Aksaray
(0382) 215 8800

-Beyoglu: Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:289 Şişhane / Beyoğlu İstanbul

- Sisli : Mevlüt Pehlivan Cad./şenol Sk No:4, Gayrettepe/İstanbul - Avrupa
(0212) 212 4696

So write that down as your major and first step: Getting a tax number.

Tax numbers are easily given, you just have to provide your passport, fill a little application paper by writing your name,surname, mother's name, father's name, your phone number and your signature, make sure to have a photocopy of your passport's front page ( the page that shows your photo, name, age etc...) because they ask to get it.

The employee then will give you a paper having your tax number on it and he will be asking you to go to the desk of the supervisor in this same office to put a stamp on it, follow the employee's instructions on how to find this desk in this same building and you'll be set!


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