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How's It Like To Live In Istanbul: Full Review

Updated on January 30, 2015 | Source


Istanbul is a very big beautiful city consisting of many beautiful views,places and things to try. It is hugely filled with tourists from all over the world, you would find all kinds of people in it and best known for its beautiful mixture of western and eastern styles, 50% each.

If you're planning to travel to Istanbul for the purpose of a holiday or living and working or studying then this article is definitely for you.

Based on my own personal experiences in Turkey, I'm sure you will find this pretty useful and helpful.

Travel To visit

Istanbul is a great place for tourists from all over the world, it has such a rich and beautiful history, it's full of great views, places and people.
Don't hesitate visiting it as you wouldn't ever regret that.

Taksim Square | Source

Places To Visit

Taksim: also known as the heart of Istanbul, it's such a great and a very crowded place! it's probably the most crowded place that's full of locals and tourists from all over the world, if you're planning to have your accommodation there take into consideration that you will have to pay more than when you visit other places due to the fact that's full of tourists and best known as a touristic place so.
It is where the statue of Turkey's great independence is found at, in Taksim's square.
I'm personally living very close to this area, that's why I have a big wide knowledge about it.
You can find many people who would speak Arabic and English there too so if you don't speak Turkish then Taksim and other popular tourism places are probably the best for you to visit because language is as we know is the most important tool for communication and understanding.

Aya Sophia Mosque

Flickr | Source

-Hagia Sophia: Another great touristic place where the prices ranging is approximately close to that in taksim, it's also very close to taksim. Best known for its long lived Aya Sophia's mosque that used to be a church before having it changed into a mosque, at least that's what I heard about it.
You may find plenty of tourists in this area too, also many locals can speak English there.
Hotels there can be expensive, the same goes to other popular and crowded touristic places.

Blue Mosque

Flickr | Source


Sultanahmet: Also close to Hagia Sophia and Taksim, it's full of great views and everything that you would need to go to from entertainment places to restaurants to general trips and tourism.
The blue mosque is also found in this area and it's what Sultanahmet is mostly known for.

Other touristic places and views include:
Topkapi - Dolmabahce palace - Bosphorus - Spice bazaar ( eminonu) - Grand Bazaar ( Beyazit)- Ottoman empire and many others.

Restaurants And Food

You can find plenty of restaurants and cafes that would serve all sorts and kinds of foods,however, I cannot recommend you which is which because everyone have different interests, thoughts and tastes.

Their foods cannot compete that in Lebanon's ( capital : Beirut ) and I can say that because of my own personal experience, I don't know maybe because I'm more used to the Arabian food especially the Syrian and the Lebanese kinds.

If you're a nargile smoker ( Hubble bubble)- like me - then you can find good places to serve it, I would recommend places in Ortakoy, mecidiyekoy and some others places in the way going to bayrampasa.


Highest prices and most comfortable can be hotels.

Most comfortable with reasonable prices can be apartments and studios.

Kind of comfortable with the least pricing can be shared rooms and or apartments.

Least prices and relaxation can be hostels.

Take into consideration that this this taken from my own opinion, your opinion can be different depending on what you have, prefer or like to do and choose.

Flickr | Source


Istanbul has wide choices for transportation, from metro stations by trains, metrobuses, dolmus and taxis.

They all have reasonable prices and they can go to almost every place in Istanbul. once you're in Istanbul you'll learn fast how to go and transport, it's simple and easy to learn.


Beyazit ( Grand Bazaar)

SUltanahmet ( Spice Bazaar )

Mecidiyekoy: Jevahir Mall

Taksim ( Istiklal Street )


And many others.

Flickr | Source

Travel To Live And Work:

Working in Turkey can be very good concerning the rates and salaries they give.

Before you even think of that make sure you have the appropriate documents to work legally and make a work visa prior to traveling and not after traveling, at least that's what one of my Turkish police friends told me, if you come for the purpose of a holiday and then suddenly decide on staying and working then perhaps you would have to travel back to the country from where you have taken off and apply for a work visa there,however, this depends on where you're from and your nationality because as you know every country has specific rules and laws concerning citizens from different countries.

The best and accurate advice can be give from the embassy itself and the owner of the place in which you'll be planning to work with.

What happens if we work without a work visa in Turkey?

- The owner of the place that you would have worked in would have to pay a certain amount of money as tax for not working along with the laws and the foreign worker would get a decision from the Turkish authorities that will prohibit him/her from visiting Turkey within a period of two years.

Flickr | Source

For Syrians

Certain rules are not applied to certain residents, a good example would be: Syrian citizens - because of the war - they're exempted from certain punishments thanks to the great leader and chief minister of Turkey Tayyep Edrogan who's to put more kind laws concerning Syrians in the future.

All Syrians of course are very thankful for his generosity and kindness but some of them are still complaining and finding it very hard to live in Turkey due to the fact that most work places owners are not accepting them because they need to make work visas for them, although the Turkish government has reduced what's supposed to be done for the work visa including what's known as Sigorta work papers ( insurance), they're also complaining because Turkey is still treating them as "guests" and not as " refugees" to be given their full rights of working legally and not to have any fear of getting off of Turkey whenever the government feels like doing such a thing but they're still hoping for changes and they believe that only the great chief minister Erdogan would be ready to make such changes.

Many rumors claim that there will be changes in the laws concerning the Syrian citizens that will lead for equality between Turkish citizens and Syrians and a better life.

Travel To Study

If you're planning to study then you'd find Turkey a great place for education, there are plenty of official and special schools and universities that can teach in German, English, Turkish and French.
There are also many workshops that teach other languages such as Arabic and Russian due to the great spreading of Arabian and Russian people in Turkey and because Arabic is the Quran's language knowing that Turkey is full of Muslim people so they make sure to teach it for their respect to their Islamic religion.

Flickr | Source

Life In General


Turkey has signed and has been in many conferences to agree for freedom of speech, expressing, religious beliefs and many other kinds as long as it doesn't hurt anyone in any way.

Turkey is a pretty open minded and free country and that's what makes it special, modern and a place for all people worldwide to come to it, some tourists never plan to leave it sometimes because of the beauty of the country in general.


Prices are reasonable if you want to buy groceries, take a shopping tour for clothes, furniture or electronics.

So if you let's say have a salary equals to 500 to 700 $ and if you live alone then you would never lack a thing and you'd find living there pretty relaxing.


Wherever you go, you would find police surrounding all the places so you would feel safe as they always assure safety.control and check almost every place the whole times.

Turkish Language Is A Must:

I know I previously mentioned that there are lots of people who speak mostly English and Arabic as a second language beside Turkish but to keep you more far away from some people's cheating you then you must know the Turkish language, this case is not only popular in Turkey, it's popular in all countries.

Do You?

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