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How to Save Money While Building a House

Updated on October 17, 2017
Lori Leigh profile image

Lori works in the human resources department for NEMHS. She graduated from Thomas College with a bachelor's degree in communications and PR.

Tip #1

Make an expense list of all of your monthly bills and total them all out. Once you have your total, subtract your monthly income from your monthly bills and you will see what you have leftover for "extra funds."

Tip #2

Take your extra funds that you have leftover each month and treat it as if it wasn't there. Put away as much of it as you can into a savings and don't touch it! My advice would be to open a savings at a bank separate from your checking account so that you can't easily transfer the funds.

Tip #3

Stop buying coffees and limit your going out to restaurants to a minimum as building your first home is your main focus. There will be plenty of time after the house is finished for you to go to restaurants and buy your favorite latte from Starbucks. But as for now, that $5.00 latte you buy every morning adds up to roughly $100.00 per month! If you could save that $100.00 every month that is a good chunk of change you can purchase items for your home with!

Tip #4

Limit what you spend at the grocery store! Instead of buying all of your veggies at the register, try starting your own little garden and get fresh vegetables for free! Instead of buying filet mignon's and other expensive dinner items, look for whats on sale. Better yet, start clipping coupons and looking through flyers to see who has the better sales on grocery items you normally buy every week! Every little bit helps!

Tip #5

Limit what you have for monthly expenses. Delete your Netflix account or cable temporarily to save that money every month while you are building your home. Anything that isn't "necessary" and you can go without, eliminate!

Tip #6

If you are one of those people who buy your work lunches every day, stop. The amount of money spent on lunch every day really adds up! Start packing your own lunches. Even if you are a person on the road all day and its more "convenient" to stop at a fast food restaurant for lunch, don't. Pack a healthy sandwich or wrap with chips and fruit. Bring a lunch box big enough to fill with snacks and plenty of water so that you don't have an excuse to stop and buy anything.

Tip #7

Buy what you need not what you want. You may want that new shirt you saw at the mall but you don't need it. Live off of what you have at least until after the house is finished and you are closed on the loan. Then you can afford to buy things you want, just as long as you can afford them!

Tip #8

Pick up a second job. Not something that will overwhelm you and your schedule. Maybe a few nights a week or a weekend day. If you are a crafty person, make fun crafts and sell them online. If you are a people person, maybe work a few nights a week at a restaurant. There are plenty of ways to find additional income to help with your savings.

Tip #9

Ask your current employer for overtime. See if there are additional projects you can work on to earn more money. Some employers might be willing to help out their employees if they need the help.

Tip #10

If it works easier for you. During the building process buy things a little at a time as you go for your house. Whatever leftover money you have each week, put some towards something for the house. After a while of accumulating things, it won't seem as difficult if you were to buy everything all at once. Take baby steps.


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