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How to half your grocery shopping

Updated on December 15, 2012

How to cut your shopping bill by half

In times like this it's hard to get a half deacent food shop but i will give you 10 tips on how to stretch your shopping budget and save pounds for other important things. Shopping for groceries has come a long way from the old day's where you could get good cheap quality food from your main town centre. Nowaday's its the big supermarket's competing for the pound's and it seem's that your money is going into an endless black hole. Here's how i got my grocery bill down from £100 a week too £40.00 a week and still feed five mouth's.

1: The number one biggest mistake you can make when going shopping for groceries is going on an empty stomach. Because your hungry your mind is telling you to get this and that and you dont keep to your shopping list.

2: Alway's make a shopping list and split it into 2 different categories. The first category would be the most important things, items to get first and the second category the least important items. The good tghing about using this technique is at least if you run out of your budget you have got your important stuff seen too.

3: Knowing what makes meals go together will save you some cash as the left over ingridients can be put into another meal during the week.

4: Know i am not saying starve yourself but start having smaller portions that way your food lasts longer and you never know you might lose a bit of unwanted weight.

5: IMPORTANT: its upto you but in my experience microwave meals are a con and they contain far too much salt and fat of your R.D.A (regular daily intake). Fresh is alway's best.

6: Shop around for stuff for example: you might find a loaf of bread cost's 50p more somewhere or 50p cheaper somewhere else. Also if you can try not to (brand) shop its still the same stuff whatever it is. I think you get the picture.................................!

7: When you go shopping for groceries just take your cash limit with you and try not taking those ghastly credit card's (thats another subject) so you are not tempted too overspend.

8: Use a calculator (sometimes mobile phones have one built in). Dont be embaressed i see people doing it all the time.

9: Alway's say to your self that if you do save a bit off money "i might be able to by my self a treat or treat somebody else....say a memeber of your family for example.

10: Also last but not least have a look on the web to check out who has got the bargains or special offers. Trust me there will be offers  as there is a lot of competition out there. And also sometimes you can get money saving coupons from some web sites.

There you have it 10 brill tips to help you stop going over board with your grocery shopping.


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