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Cheap razor blades or expensive razor blades which is best.

Updated on October 19, 2012

What razor blade.?

Why is it some people will use cheap blades but others will only use expensive blades...there is no anwser because its everyone to there own. Cheap blades are ok in away if you are on a cheap budget because you get about 10 in a pack for really cheap but you also get cut too piecies by them. When it comes to expensive blades....yeah you have to shell out for them i know and they supposedly give a better shave but do you know what you still always manage to cut yourself and sometimes deep.


Too be honest in my experience in shaving and buying razor blades the best alternative for me as i have always found is going for the ones in between cheap and expensive. There not too dear and they dont cut you as much either dont know why just past experiance so there you have it cheap or expensive your choice.?  

What blades do you prefer.?

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